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Dec 29 2017 Anchor

I'm having a problem having VUI+ detecting its settings. I'm using MO.

Here is my modlist (https://pastebin.com/nREyJeLx) and my load order (https://pastebin.com/8Lt4TdTg)

Dec 29 2017 Anchor

Can you inspect your overwrites folder and tell me which conflicts you have at the Data\Menus folder ?

Or, even better, can you send me an archive of your Data\Menus folder ?

Jan 1 2018 Anchor

In my Overwrites I have







(https://pastebin.com/VtrrbmC1) MO Data/Menus

Happy New Year

Jan 1 2018 Anchor

Can you try (temporarily) uninstalling Revelation and see if it fixes the issue ?

If so, I'll update my Revelation patch.

Jan 1 2018 Anchor

That fixed it!

Jan 2 2018 Anchor

Good. So, if you re-install Revelation you get that VUI+ message back ?

Jan 2 2018 Anchor


Jan 2 2018 Anchor

Are you using a Revelation version that also affects the HUD ? Because the one I know does not exhibit this issue. Where did you get your version ?

May 28 2018 Anchor

Dosen't work for me... The messages still pops up ruining the main menu screen, however everything else works, like there is no UI errors outside of that so far for me.

I got it to work!! The text file with the mod was amazing, I reinstalled all mods from the menus/main folder but since MCM didn't show up there I didn't think of it, it was the last culprit! Just reinstall all UI mods you have!

May 28 2018 Anchor


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