The Unreal Tournament SDK is state-of-the-art Toolset / Engine Enhancement for retail Unreal Tournament, that let's you create anything you want. Sci-Fi Battle Scenes, a Strategy Game, a Fun Mod, Survival-Horror Shooter, Simulations - Everything. It will also include a Sandbox showcasing the New Possibilities via bundled Mini-Mods / Demos made by Fans and me. It enhances the render engine, gameplay, unreal script features and anything UT Veterans ever dreamed off. It is completely Open Source, free for noncommercial use.

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Epic Games would be proud. It is too bad it isn't ocmpatible with Unreal Engine 2, and it is also too bad that the Unreal Engines don't stack. Imagine playing the first Unreal with this mod and with Unreal Engine 3.

This is a great engine update, looks amazing.

You're doing an amazing job for this almost-dying community. Knowing that many of the problems that made me lose interest can be fixed is a good reason for me to not give up on modding this game.

There's so much potential in this project, and I hope to see all the great things that can be done with it.


This brings UT to the modern day level it deserves. It could possibly revive the UT99 game community entirely, giving it a fresh jump start


The most impressive thing I saw created for such old game ever. Perhaps when mod will reach final version (if it will), will be possible to say that it gave second life for Unreal Tournament.


This is just epic.


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Good work!


Awesone graphic mod.


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