UnrealSpeed is a Racing MOD for UT2K3. Many cool features like Analoge driving, karma weapons, adjustable chase cam, gears, surface slipping and many more.

Have fun and go and see what UT2K3 can do with vehicles.

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I am very proud to announce the release of the newest version of UnrealSpeed.

This version holds many bug fixes but also a good deal of new features, and even a new car.

So make sure you get this one, its available in a 1.6 to 1.61 patch and full install.

Here is the complete change log:


  • Fixed some non-dedicated server bugs (player and animation and car skin replication)

  • Added more info to the server browser

  • Added more options to the interface of the webadmin

  • Fixed chasecam being able to penetrate objects

  • Fixed car steers lagging behind on occasion

  • Disabled the Reset button in the key setup, it resets to ut2003 defaults


  • Added motionblur based on car speed, can be disabled in the ususer.ini

  • Added one car (Prelor)

  • Added "use track defaults" options for laps and maximum time


  • Gave all cars unique steering wheels

  • Redid the startup logo and background images

  • Redid some car skins

  • Added a platform on wich the cars stand in the preview

  • Redid some hud graphics

  • Fixed all the cars not showing on the same place in the preview windows


  • Added support for default light status (also used by bots)

  • Added support for custom level based cube maps (used for the reflection of the car)

  • Added Bot light and cube map volumes, these give you the power to specefy these properties per area

  • Added support for default lap/max time setting, players can set their game to use these values

Map: MountainPass Map: RiverRun InGame Action

UnrealSpeed 1.6 Public Beta

News 1 comment

Finally its here, UnrealSpeed Public Beta 1.6 We are very happy to release this version, after being bothered for weeks by the famous Mr. Murphy, this...

UnrealSpeed version 1.5 beta released!

News 1 comment

Here it is a new version. First you need to know that we cancelled ALL existing cars in this verion. New cars have been made instead. Also you have to...

UnrealSpeed 1.4 Public Beta Released


I am pleased to announce the release of the 1.4 public beta of unrealspeed! Since 1.3 we came a long way, for example: - Car handling is greatly tuned...

MOD status update


We are now on release version Beta: 1.39 We added many fixes and some cool features, check the news on the site for an exact list. This version also has...

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UnrealSpeed 1.61

UnrealSpeed 1.61

Full Version 1 comment

UnrealSpeed is a racing mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. Drive a car, gliding through the twists and turns to win the race. Your car is (optionally) heavily...

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Kaoh Creator

We decided to not spend lots of polys on the player model, our mod is heavy enough without player models, so ading high detailed player models would need even more.
How ever I agree that they can be a bit better, and we will make the next models a bit more detailed, after using this model as test we noticed that the fps cost wasnt that noticable for the models, so yeah we will increase the detail on these.

Damn me and my english, thanks for the correction, ill fix it for the next version.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Being picky here (the mod's great!) but shouldn't it be "Practice Mode"? (You've spelt it "Practise mode")

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

yes that is very true.The hands could look much better if you took some time on them, make em look realistic.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Those hands and models are not what I come to expect from a UT2K3 mod :|

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kaoh Creator

The old cars where indeed very good, and making own designs, well we are not car designers for a living ;)
And no changing existing models a bit doesnt get you of the hook of being wrong, yes they will never win a law suite any more , but we wanted to on the right side of the line.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ummm...just opinion, but the new car models aren't too impressive. They're not bad but they're nowhere near the quality of your old models. Perhaps you should've delayed a little and worked on them a bit? Couldn't you have just modified your old models so they just resembled real models slightly, but were different enough to be unique cars? (ala Grand Theft Auto for instance) Oh well, the game itself is still fun.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

looks good, I might have to fish out my unreal disk and give this a go.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kaoh Creator

Good to hear that you like the MOD.

I understand your issue with the jump/exit vehicle key bind. I kept that from the bulldog stuff to keep it as much as 'standard' with normal UT as possible.
But Uspeed does use a different INI for the user keys so you could just move the bind without altering the normal UT2003 settings.
But ill see if i can make you a seperate key bind for exiting vehicles instead of combined, ill ask the team and lets see what they want.

Good to hear that you like the Kitt car, and yes your actually the first non team member to say :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Just finished playing around with 1.4. Good to see you lost that map with all the bridges. (kept getting stuck in cracks)

Just one thing - you reckon you could add an option so that getting out of the car isn't bound to the same button as jump? Nothing much really...just I usually set space bar to handbrake for racing games and space bar to jump in FPS's. Even after playing it for a while, I still find myself slamming the space bar to hand brake around a corner then watching my car speed off into the distance. Embarrising, I know... :)

Oh, yeah, love the KITT model. I bet I'm not the first to say so, though...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

You rock IMO! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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