Hello my name is Ty,

I'm the creator of Realism (a mod for DCG 2.5). What Realism 4.5 does is it adds new weapon ranges, new physics & damage values, improves AI, adds new vehicle interactions and a whole host of other improvements specifically for DCG. If you'd like to know more about what the original released version does the forum threads...

The vision distances have been increased and heavily modified.
This allows players to more easily play with fog of war on in DCG. For the best experience I encourage playing with Fog of War set to "Realistic".

What's new in Realism 4.5

Fixes compatibility with DCG 4.5

What's new in Realism 4 (old version)?

Fixes compatibility with DCG 4.

Adds Italain Units and weapon files into Realism

What's new in Realism 3 (old version)?

Generally Updated and Improved Infantry Combat

- reduced rifle range to 90m
- reduced thompson, grease gun, and ppsh range to 60m
- removed head shot instant kills
- reduced accuracy of MG's while standing or kneeling
- added zeroing to rifles
- added aim by motion to infantry (aim radius grows when in motion, then shrinks to original size when still, just like tank guns)
- reduced energy drain for sprinting infantry (longer sprint distances)
- fixed rpg's so they won't target cannon vehicles (at guns, mg nests, etc)
- increased direct control accuracy of infantry by 50%
- reduced range of rpgs to 45m
- reduced range of panzerfaust to 30m
- added explosive properties to RPG ammo
- updated grenades (Most grenades have 20m range) (Fragmentation grenades have extra blast radius) (M24 Stick grenade can be thrown 24m)
- updated difficulty settings more streamlined and player friendly
- increased scaling of weapon muzzle velocities
- new tracer texture for small arms
- changed MG ammo weight to hold 50 rounds per group
- increased HMG accuracy at longer ranges

Vehicle Updates

- increased direct control accuracy 50%
- lowered MG 34/42 tripod model to kneeling height
- fixed canon movment speeds
- reworked some tank damage effects
- slight increase to repair times
- removed AI ejecting from damaged vehicles, only hull damaged or destroyed causes crew to emit
- slightly shortened penetration scale... from 200 to 180
- increased accuracy of 20mm guns
- updated vickers mgun to fire over sandbags
- lowered degtyarev mg stand
- added a minimum range to mortars of 40m

Ship Updates

- updated movement speeds and turning speeds to be more realistic
- reworked main guns on destoryers (ammo counts, ranges, accuracies)
- fixed U-boat to move and shoot 5 torpedo rounds
- fixed destroyer to sink upon to sections of the ship being destroyed
- fixed torpedos to not detonate on swimming humans

What's new in Realism 2 (old version)?

- Newly balanced accuracy for guns
- AA mounts on vehicles have been fixed.. now can aim high enough angle to shoot at planes
- Added new AA shells to the Flak 88's and Vickers 93mm
- More realistic plane damage & behavior
- New tank and vehicle scripts
- Improved pathing for all units (No more cannons walking though walls only to kill themselves by falling debris) (Track & wheeled vehicles will prefer to use roads rather than drive through buildings)

- Bren carries 29 rounds not 30
- Enfield rifles have faster ROF than other bolt action rifles
- Improved fog of war settings (much truer LOS than ever before)
- Rebalanced difficulty settings ("Hard" is very difficult and equals the playing field between you and AI)
- AI weapons do greater damage to other AI players (more realistic computer battles)
- No longer do dead vehicles get pushed around like paper bags (you kill that tank on the brigde.. you've got yourself a roadblock my friend)

- MEDICS added and the ability to heal (unconscious soldiers, friendly or enemy)
- Changed how rifle rounds stack in human inventory (was 10 now 25)
- Removed rotation limits from mortars (AI more effective w/ mortars now)
- Decreased Sniper Aiming time to induce higher combat ROF
- Damaged Hulls repairable ("destroyed" hulls are not repairable)
- Changed characteristics of the vehicle damage text: red means destoryed (unrepairable), yellow means repairable, grey means no damage

- Readjusted AT rifle ranges, penetration values, reload time and ROF (effective range is 60-80m)
- New graphic for tracers (slightly easier to see)
- Added color change to "distance number" when firing beyond effective range
- Set human sprinting distance to relate better to weight of carried objects in infantry's inventory
- Added some new car and cannon scripts (crews bail on immobile or unable to turn/shoot gun)
- Added gun crew script to make them eject from gun if they are about to be crushed by a tank

- Added chance of helmets being knocked off from explosions
- Add chance of headshot to instantly kill infantry when not wearing helmet
- Infantry ignore planes but mg gunners can be told to shoot at planes
- Bombers only drop one pair of bombs (no more endless Stuka dive bomber runs)
- Slowed pacing down slightly for longer lasting battles
- Reduced size of human inventory box slightly

These are some of the changes that were made in the original release that stayed and that I'd like to continue to highlight.

-Fixed AT rifles so they do NOT shoot at infantry
-Fixed Binocular carrying infantry so they DO pull out their weapon when being attacked.
-Mortars can now damage/destroy armored cars and light tanks
-AI uses grenades more often
-Added Sandbags to MG Stands and cannons
-Lowered chances of helmets coming off
-Added burning sound to vehicles when they're on fire
-RPG's can now ricochet of tanks when hit at certain angles
-Added new tank scripts causing crew to abandon vehicle if left unrepaired after a certain amount of time
-Added vision for sniper's and binocular's similar to MP vision

Other Add-ons include...

Ty's Hud
Mini-mod that makes in-game interface more transparent.

User Posted Image

Ty's Xtra FX

This mini-mod increases the amount of FX that are allowed to stay ingame before disappearing. Ex. bodies, shell holes, blood, debris from tanks and buildings, and longer lasting vehicle tracks. It also makes structures easier to destroy.
**Note** If you have performance issues already with MOW, this might increase those issues.

Ty's Testing Mod
I created this mod to help me test and develop my realism. It adds an extra campaign with 10 missions. These missions are intended for testing every nation's vehicles and weapons.

Feel free to leave questions or comments.. :)

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Realism 4

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DCG 4.0

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DCG 2.5 & Realism 2

DCG 2.5 & Realism 2

News 4 comments

Check out the article Jason (Learder of DCG) posted on our DMS section...

Version 2.0 In the works...

Version 2.0 In the works...


Some of whats coming up in the next release...

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Realism 4.5 for DCG 4.5 for Men of War Only

Realism 4.5 for DCG 4.5 for Men of War Only

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Updates compatibility with DCG 4.5 for Men of War Only. (NOT FOR Assault Squad games)

Realism 4.0 for DCG 4.0 (Outdated)

Realism 4.0 for DCG 4.0 (Outdated)

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Updated Version of Realism to be fully compatible with DCG 4.0 and the Italian Nation. This download is for the original Men of War version of DCG only...

Realism 3 (Outdated)

Realism 3 (Outdated)

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Realism 2 + Update v2.1 (Outdated)

Realism 2 + Update v2.1 (Outdated)

Full Version 13 comments

***Requires DCG 2.5 or 3.0*** Adds new weapon ranges, new physics & damage values, improves AI, adds new vehicle interactions and a whole host of...

Ty's Testing Mod

Ty's Testing Mod

Effects GFX 12 comments

***** DCG 3.5 & Realism 3 required to run this ***** This mod adds a new SP campaign of 10 test missions. These missions are used to test all the...

Ty's Xtra FX

Ty's Xtra FX

Effects GFX 8 comments

This mod works in both MoW and Assault squad but in SP only. (Will cause de-sync errors online). It increases the amount of entities that can stay on...

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Hey Ty, dunno if you are active anymore but here goes! I love your realism mod and it seems to be working fine with the DCG 5.0 version.

I had a question tho... How do you achieve the longer weapon ranges in your mod? I was comparing the set/stuff/guns folder files with original DCG and the ranges refer to ("range_100+") which I found in DCG preset which you don't seem to change. KWK40 refers to {from "pattern gun" ; Pz4G" which I cant find. Am I looking at completely the wrong values? Because all I could find about changing weapon ranges in the game says changing the values in set/stuff/guns is where it's at. Obviously the mod does things a little differently.

Is there a modifier somewhere that controls all ranges?

I'd like to increase the ranges by about 50-100 units from what you've got set in your mod but I can't seem to find the place to do it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Where do I download the mod because I can't find anything to click on to download the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey Ty, is there an issue with the 5cm PaK?
I'm running the mod on the original Men of War.

The issue I am having is that after firing the first shot of the 5cm PaK, the crew refuses to load more ammunition as if it has the wrong ammo in the first place.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Realism 4.5\resource\set\stuff\gun\50mm_pak38

adding {filling "bullet50g1"} before {rechargeTime 4}

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having the same issue.
And some others like Ametican 155mm howitzer.
203mm Russian mortar is fireable but AI can't.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I sorted it out myself.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please we really need it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i cant run Campaign.exe i get an error please help

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