Twisted Insurrection is a critically acclaimed, standalone modification based on the Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ engine. It features a complete redesign of the original game, set in an alternate "what-if?" timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod was victorious during the first Tiberian War. Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.

RSS Complete List of Multiplayer Maps

A complete list of all multiplayer maps that are featured in Twisted Insurrection, including those that are exclusive to specific game modes!

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This is a complete list of all multiplayer maps that are featured in Twisted Insurrection, including those that are exclusive to specific game modes! Singleplayer maps will not be posted here in order to prevent spoilers, to get glimpses of the missions, browse through the ModDB image gallery. Please note that a lot of the map previews are outdated due-to placeholder images and terrain being replaced over time, they will all be replaced with complete images for Twisted Insurrection 1.0.

Click on any of the map previews to view them in actual size.

[ Default Multiplayer Maps ]

Abandoned [2]


Aboreus Abyss [2]

Aboreus Abyss

Arden River [2]

Aboreus Abyss

Badlands Duel [2]

Badlands Duel

Bunker Hill [2]

Bunker Hill

Cataclysmia [2]


Crops [2]


Cryptic Canyon [2]

Cryptic Canyon

Cruentus Canyon [2]

Cruentus Canyon

Death From Above [2]

Death From Above

Deja-Vu [2]

Death From Above

Dueling Chasms [2]

Dueling Chasms

Dustbowl Battle [2]

Dustbowl Battle

Ivaris Lake [2]

Ivaris Lake

Gamma City [2]

Gamma City

The Gauntlet [2]

The Gauntlet

Nuclear Town [2]

Nuclear Town

Lambda City [2]

Lamda City

Peninsula Oilfields [2]

Peninsula Oilfields

Primal Haven [2]

Primal Haven

Sandscape [2]


The Scarlet Infinity [2]

Scarlet Infinity

Stepladder [2]


Stronghold [2]


Suicidal Tendencies [2]

Suicidal Tendencies

Theta City [2]

Theta City

Tiers of Sorrow II [2]

Tiers of Sorrow II

Remnants [2]


Riparius Ridge [2]

Riparious Ridge

River Raid [2]

River Raid

Vinifera Valley [2]

Vinifera Valley

Vorna Valley [2]

Vorna Valley

Woodland Fountain [2]

Woodland Fountain

Between A Rock... [3]

Btween a Rock

Collision [3]


Combat Triangle [3]

Combat Triangle

Final Haven [3]

Final Haven

Intoxication [3]


Meteor Wilderness [3]

Meteor Wilderness

Null Zone [3]

Null Zone

Stormy Plateu [3]

Stormy Plateu

Surrounded [3]


Volcano [3]


Alpha City [4]

Alpha City

Beta City [4]

Beta City

Black Swamp [4]

Black Swamp

Chaos County [4]

Chaos County

Deadwinter Invasion Revisited [4]

Deadwinter Invasion Revisited

The Depressions [4]

The Depressions

Evergrowing Infestation [4]

Everygrowing Infestation

Fragments of Sorrow [4]

Fragments of Sorrow

GloboTech Desert Arena [4]

GloboTech Desert Arena

GloboTech Forest Arena [4]

GloboTech Forest Arena

GloboTech Mutated Arena [4]

GloboTech Mutated Arena

GloboTech Storm Arena [4]

GloboTech Storm Arena

GloboTech Urban Arena [4]

GloboTech Urban Arena

GloboTech Water Arena [4]

GloboTech Water Arena

Heartless [4]


Humidity [4]


Iota City [4]

Iota City

Ivaris Central [4]

Ivaris Central

Kappa City [4]

Kappa City

The Menacing Sea [4]

Menacing Sea

Noobzone Campage [4]

Noobzone Campage

Omega City [4]

Omega City

Outer Reaches [4]

Outer Reaches

Redemption [4]


Resistance Fall [4]

Resistance Fall

River to Nothingness [4]

River to Nothingness

Sigma City [4]

Sigma City

Sunset Vista [4]

Sunset Vista

Tournament Platform [4]

Tournament Platform

Twinside [4]


Where Eagles Dare [4]

Where Eagles Dare

'X' Marks the Spot [4]

'X' Marks The Spot

Pandemonium [5]


Pit of Despair [5]

Pit of Despair

Russet River [5]

Russet River

...And a Hard Place [6]

...And a Hard place

Backwater Barrens [6]

Backwater Barrens

Epsilon City [6]

Epsilon City

The Graveyard [6]

The Graveyard

Lost Hope [6]

Lost Hope

Outlying Locality [6]

Outlying Locality

Pig of Bays [6]

Pig of Bays

Sedona's Pass [6]

Sedona's Past

Showdown [6]


The Triple 'S' [6]

The Triple 'S'

Zone 59 [6]

Zone 59

Canal of Desolation [7]

Canal of Desolation

Omicron City [7]

Omicron City

City in Conflict [8]

City in Conflict

Delta City [8]

Delta City

Hydro Mountains [8]

Hydro Mountains

Super Bridgehead Redux II [8]

Super Bridgehead Redux II


Welcome miner, welcome to the pit. You can now say how amazing these maps are :)

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Noobzone Campage [4]

lol The Noobest map on CnC3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes


Don't go swimming.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Wow, looks awesome. The maps are very varied and interesting. I really look forward to playing some skirmish games on these. Thanks for the update; looking very good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I noticed some problems with the previews. Some maps have errors in the links or can't be opened:
Badlands Duel [2], Deja-Vu [2], Primal Haven [2], Stronghold [2], River Raid [2], The Depressions [4]

GloboTech Water Arena [4] links to a different map (Urban Arena).
Showdown [6] links only to a very small fragment of it.

Also some maps (forgot to write them down) have minimega previews instead of mega ones, but i guess that's intended.

BTW, your montly bandwith usage must really went up a lot after i checked all of the previews, some multiple times. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Aro Author

Okay, thank you for bringing all of these to my attention, my friend. I have fixed all of the ones you have mentioned.

It has occurred to me that some of these maps don't actually have the mega previews available as they were lost a long time ago (Depressions, Stronghold and Showdown), so once all the terrain is complete and placeholders replaces, I will remake all of the megamaps again rather than making a fresh one now. Currently the maps that don't actually have megamaps simply don't link anywhere and only show the minimega preview.

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ZoneOP ☢
ZoneOP ☢

On Epsilon City (lower red corner) is that a Starship Troopers reference?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Aro Author

Yes, so are the Mantis mutations. >_<

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looking great! Also, loving the bizarre time paradox that Deja Vu brings! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Deja-Vu = TS GDI Mission 2

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hense why it's a Time Paradox. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Wow! I don't know any RTS game with such an amazing attention to detail for their multi-player levels.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Omicron City always lags. Graveyard and Pig of Bays are my favorite out of these.

But where is the 8 player City map with that big artillery cannon and Ion storms??? (Zeta City?)

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