This is just my humble tuning pack, to make the game more enjoyable to play. It's mostly personal preferences, various little inspirations from Red Orchestra and Men of War series. Another try of trying to catch the thin perfect line between realism and balance.

While the damage model is more "realistic" than vanilla game,This is not a hardcore realism mod, far from it. Fun in gameplay and immersion is more important to me.

Get the Win Condition Pack for this mod for full effect. No seriously, get it. Essential, Quientessential, a must. Some features are only enabled through this.Including but not limited to:
-Camera Zoom
-Game modes
-Economy tweaks
-Game modes
-AI tweaks
-Ability rosters (future)


Only Soviets, USF and Ostheer/Wehrmacht are done by now. I have special plans for OKW, once infantry combat of eastern front is set in stone, I'll make sure to add them too. Contrary to vanilla, playing as OKW will be harder than playing as USF. But that's just future.

  • Veterancies: They are now harder to earn, but have enormous effects. Instead of 1 vet rank doing 1 particular thing, now vet ranks improve squads overall, from reload to received suppression. Veterancy is subject to change.
  • Combat: A lot more fast paced. Infantry are easier to kill, but no cannon fodder. Larger amount of troops are common place. With squad sizes increased, costs reduced, no upkeep, and other modifications, I can guarantee you will have huge battles!
  • Tanks have been added! Whole tank combat is redone, but not final. The penetration/armor tables are based on real life, adapted to game environment with lots of math. Each tank fills a role, no tank is useless and no tank is OP. Tank combat will improve a lot more in the future.
  • Economy: Infantry is cheaper, Tanks are expensive, upkeep hurts. Soon, a lot more economy upgrades and options will be added, increasing amount of different apporaches to build orders, to improve realism among order of battles. There are various techs to research, in order to increase battlefield capacity for your army.
  • Stealth is a big feature, every squad can conceal. With varying levels of success however. Just press Hold Fire and most squads will conceal if they are in cover, some such as snipers will conceal everywhere once ordered to hold fire.
  • Sight Packages are now directional, infantry won't be seeing far away backwards, and all units lose sight while moving.
  • Commander Units have been added! Powerful officers that can train troops, call artillery and smoke strikes, and give powerful auras. They gain veterancy from friendly units, and they are tough. Though they are lone man squads, which makes them not so tough overall, but thanks to this they are also very stealthy.

There are surely stuff that I forgot to say. New units, defense emplacements etc. go without saying.

Future in order:

As you can see, infantry only focus will last for a while. Regarding tanks, you can expect a unique system, which won't be all about who has the bigger gun or larger armour.

  • Commander Traits system, your commander will receive random traits on veterancy levels, giving random bonuses and maybe penalties!
  • Doctrines! 3 for each 2 factions at the start, I am planning a rather unique way. Far from commanders, similar to CoH1 but still different.
  • Trade! Well, dropping supply crates for a cost. Exchanging a resource type for another at a penalty and giving supplies to your friends... or foes.
  • OKW!
  • This is as far future I can predict as of now, but I am sure there are stuff that I forgot here too.

You can provide your feedback both here and on Steam. See the Steam discussions too!

Steam Workshop Link!

Multiplayer Group

Last updated: 31th of January.
See Steam change logs to have more idea.

If you'd like to help, I can use some testers & icon makers. The mod is riddled with balance issues which I can't test all alone, and I can't make icons out of some technical issues.

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25th January Update


American Assault

So, what are the news? Well, a lot of stuff has been added ver since the tank combat update, both while trying to "normalize" the fragile balance which was ruined with tanks, and adding new content, because new is almost always good, right?

  • Right out of the bat is Majors . These are higher ranking officers than Captains which were added previously; Now you can make 2 Captains, and the 1 only limit is transitioned to the Major. The Major has 3 most powerful features: Mobile Retreat Point, Supervising Base Buildings, and better & bigger artillery and air abilities.
  • The last one will be expanded dramatically in time; right now there is only one air strike, which is recon added today, and 2 artillery strikes. But there is space for 6 each, since it utilizes toggle menus.
  • Second we have improvements above tank combat. Increased deflection damage and introduction of Shaped Charge shells give a chance to lighter tanks and break the pseudo invincibility of German tanks, and later Soviet models. And one of the Major's 2 recent artillery strikes is a concentrated barrage, which is a cheaper and more precise artillery, particularly useful against tanks.
  • Third is the introduction of a new game mode: Infantry only.
  • What can you expect in a few days is a total rework of some critical aspects: Criticals, Repairs, Medics and Upkeep. Work on criticals has started, and right now you can see the new system with Panzer IV and T34. Only them are done for testing purposes. The 3 others aren't started now, though they will change from core.
  • About Criticals: There are 6-7 new criticals, and old ones have been reworked. In total, 11 criticals. Every penetrating hit can cause a critical, and even from full health, there is a chance for the tank to die with a penetrating hit. The chance to die increases to by P health, and to p at 0 health. This sytem will be best implemented at the end of the week; all tanks will have critical system by a few days, and after that it will be best suitable with the repair rework.

Well, was a long list. Stay tuned for updates!

Tank Combat Major Update

Tank Combat Major Update

News 5 comments

After 17 days of the first release, today I'm releasing the first update with playable tank combat!




Just posting a news piece for the sake of posting, celebrating the authorisation!


To anyone wanting to download this mod, but lack the Steam version to dl it through the Workshop, use this link here.
Just copy and paste the Workshop link and it will give you a DL link.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hey Treb , can you post this mod and the other one on a NOT steam site please
i am drooling at the pictures and the mode but i cant download from steam workshops and such. So can you post this mod on a not steam site?

Thank you!

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Infantry only is something that needs to be in every game where it's appropriate, glad you added this mode. I don't currently own CoH 2 (This makes me seriously consider buying it) but in the first, I loved playing with a very infantry-centric force but my opponents (Especially the AI) would just overwhelm with tanks and other armour just as it starts getting good. Would you consider adding different "tech levels" so to speak, where the first is infantry, second is infantry + MGs, Mortars, third is that plus soft-skin vehicles, Fourth is the same plus light armour and field guns, and so on?

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Trebgarta Creator

It wouldn't be top priority right now, but nothing is out of bounds in consideration. Of course I'd love to add such a variety of game modes.

Also given the normal pace of the mod, standard annihilation isn't very tank-centric either; you can only build infantry and perfectly play, you wouldn't be overwhelmed if you play strategically, at least against AI. Though factions vary, infantry-centric gameplay is very suitable for USF where enough number of Bazookas can take out any given tank, and least suitable for USSR where main infantry AT weaponry is less-than formidable Zis-3 guns and tiny ranged AT-nades.

Thanks for the compliments BTW!

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If you figure out an inventive way to circumvent the tuning setup for upkeep without simply cranking the population per unit down, please let me know. I think it's probably in upgrades for a unit but I haven't tested it as of yet.

Also a list of your new tank criticals and what they do would be nice to see. :)

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Trebgarta Creator

I didn't quite get what you mean in the first statement... And I though my English was good, but most certainly yours surpass mine!

The new criticals are mostly basic, a crew death for each crew member are the new ones, while the rest of 11 total are unused vanilla criticals, either not modified or modified slightly: Drivetrain broken, Turretrail broken, Engine destroyed, main gun etc. I only added them to the list, where they weren't.

Current release, only T34 and PzIV have criticals implemented, a few hours later today most tanks are getting them, it is

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