For those unfamiliar with TA: Escalation (TA:ESC), we like to think of our effort as a production quality expansion to Total Annihilation which can be enjoyed in both Skirmish and Multiplayer settings. TA:ESC offers significant enhancements to the venerable TA gaming engine, including Cavedog quality models, textures, and presentation - a feat claimed by many, but realized by none; new GUI and extended menus; unique upgrading system for defenses and resources; deflective Shield Generators; mass unit Teleportation Gates; automated mass loading and unloading transports; Multi-Unit-Air-Transports; proximity bonuses for adjacent Fusions and Energy Storages; Surfaceable subs; walking ships; Omni Intel Towers capable of massive radar, jamming, LOS, targeting, and Commander hacking; and much, much more!

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Arm Air Repair Pad

Arm Air Repair Pad

Feature 2 comments

The Arm Air Repair Pad allows automated repairs to friendly air units as well as automated repairs to friendly ground units within a specific radius after...

Core Peripheral Consciousness Omni Sensor Tower

Core Peripheral Consciousness Omni Sensor Tower


The Peripheral Consciousness is a Level 3 structure which provides many options that allows the Core to gain valuable insight on enemy positions.

Arm Tantalus Omni Sensor Tower

Arm Tantalus Omni Sensor Tower

Feature 6 comments

The Tantalus Omni Sensor Tower is a Level 3 structure which allows the Arm to gain information on enemy units and structures or deny the enemy access...

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