For those unfamiliar with TA: Escalation (TA:ESC), we like to think of our effort as a production quality expansion to Total Annihilation which can be enjoyed in both Skirmish and Multiplayer settings. TA:ESC offers significant enhancements to the venerable TA gaming engine, including Cavedog quality models, textures, and presentation - a feat claimed by many, but realized by none; new GUI and extended menus; unique upgrading system for defenses and resources; deflective Shield Generators; mass unit Teleportation Gates; automated mass loading and unloading transports; Multi-Unit-Air-Transports; proximity bonuses for adjacent Fusions and Energy Storages; Surfaceable subs; walking ships; Omni Intel Towers capable of massive radar, jamming, LOS, targeting, and Commander hacking; and much, much more!


Total Annihilation: Escalation Beta Release 8.1.8, brings a host of new changes to gameplay. Multiple Unit Air Transports(MUAT) no longer have to land to unload or load units. The Atlas, and Valkyrie now function like MUATs, they have lost their ability to grab enemy units, and to transport Invaders or Roaches. MUATs have offscreen penalties, they can no longer load or unload for a for a duration matching the time they spent offscreen, after coming back from offscreen.

Total Annihilation: Escalation Beta 8.1.8

Glad to see my favorite community still churning out new content. Keep it up!

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