Fight For Honor acts in all corners of the whole world in modern warfares. These fights are on close combat and infantry-based.

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In newer Battlefield titles you can reload without loosing bullets, even when your magazine isnt empty. In older Battlefield games like BF2 or 2142 you throw away the mag with all the remaining bullets if its not empty.

For example:

BF2: Full magazine 31 shots 10 Shots fired If you reload you would loose 21 shots.

BF4: Full magazine 31 shots 10 Shots fired If you reload you dont loose any shots.

Well, I found out how to tweak it during development of my modification Fight For Honor. I know how to "unlock" the Modern reloading style. If you want you (as a modder or as a private player) can modify your weapons. And its not even that hard, its pretty easy.

(This is the AEK from Ponysaurus_Rex!)

But however, this is how it works:

1. Open the .tweak file of your weapon (found in \[your_mod]\\weapons\handdelds\[your_weapon])

2. Add the lines

"ObjectTemplate.ammo.nrOfMags [ * planned numbers of mags + 1]"

"ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadAmount [Mag size]"

"ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize [Mag size]"

anywhere between lines "rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAmmoComp ---" and "rem ---EndComp ---".

3. Change your reload time like this:

"ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadTime [Original reload time / mag size]"

(Disclaimer: You have to finetune the reload time. It can happen that the reload animation is going to shop up several times because your reload time might be to high so lower the reload time a little bit if you have more than one reload animation!)

Your file should look like this:





So, I hope some of you like this tweak. Feel free to tweak your weapons and tell me what you think of it. I just wanted to share this piece of BF2 modding knowledge because it may enhances someones gameplay experience.



(If you want to do me a favor check out my mod Fight For Honor and tell me what you think of it. There are kind of no information about it but more is coming in the future!)



I don't care for Novalogic reload style, but this seems great either way. Good luck!

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Hello, just a little helpful friendly critique. I think it might be good to change description to this, as what it shows in English doesn't sound grammatically correct.

"Fight For Honor is a modern warfare mod which takes place in all corners of the world. These fights are close combat and infantry-based."

Mod looks amazing, I am looking forward to it! The weapon model and animations are top tier!

Best of luck! If there is anything you might like to use from Battlefield: Korea, let me know!

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Genius I was looking for this for a long time. Good job

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Love it <3 <3 <3

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Nice !

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