TMoD is a Multiplayer Mod Made in Source:SDK with the create a mod feature. Have fun, because its out! It will have Create a server,to Play against others in a campaign mode coming soon!, and it is made in the coding of Half Life 2.

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TMoD full version


That's right, TMoD (The Multi-online Deathmatch) is at its full release! you can find the changelog in the 'features' tab. I finally got around to post 3 videos, but they go a little to fast since Moddb sped it up. TMoD comes now as a standalone mod, no Half Life 2,Portal,CS:S, or even DOD:S needed! its still listed under 'a Half Life 2 Mod' because the source was based on Half Life 2. Ive enjoyed the time making the mod, from it being released and people hating it, to it being archived, now to it being its Full Release!

I hope you enjoy TMoD 1.0.1!

TMoD Full Version Updates and Fixes!

TMoD Full Version Updates and Fixes!


this article will show you all the changes,fixes,and additions to TMoD!

TMoD 1.0 Features

TMoD 1.0 Features


This article is supposed to tell you all of the features for TMoD 1.0 for Counter Strike:Source. Hope you have fun with it when it is released!

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Full Version 6 comments

Finally, its released! TMoD comes in full version with updates! TMoD is a new type of Death-match, with being able to have HL2 maps for co-op, or just...

Rhidgev - - 70 comments

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bioswat - - 198 comments

What is this mod about?

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Zombanana - - 137 comments

Greatest mod ever.

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ForestGump - - 13 comments

TMoD = TrollMoD
umad bro?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

In fact - my comment wasn't a troll, i remember posting on here before you deleted it. I said - "are you serious?"
This mod looks fake, unprofessional, and overall mediocre.

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lebofly - - 197 comments

Tmod, No coding done at all, went to source SDK, Pressed create mod, Pressed edit mutliplayer, compiled it, made some ****** maps, released it.

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beziko - - 40 comments

OMG, all comments is deleted...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GeneralOwn3d - - 245 comments

I know, it's annoying, right?
If you're gonna troll, do it right, and let's have a laugh!

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portal Creator
portal - - 44 comments

i cleared the comments because they all said: "TMoD = TrollMoD?"

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