Play through warped versions of TimeSplitters 2's levels, where a radically different experience awaits gamers. Story levels have been overhauled with new enemies, weapons, and objectives. Altered weapons spice up TS2's arsenal. The mod also restores cut content to the game.

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TS2 Remix Mod Features


-Play through warped versions of TS2's levels, where old threats and new enemies await gamers.
-7 altered story mode levels, each with their own bizarre scenarios. They are Chicago, Notre Dame, NeoTokyo, Wild West, Atom Smasher, Aztec Ruins, and Space Station.
-New guns, such as the rapid-fire TS1 Scifi-Gun and the blob-spewing Sminem shotgun.
-3 bonus Mapmaker story levels made to be compatible with this mod. They are Cyberden (original remake by RyanUKAus), Irradiated Vault, and R-107 Factory.

-A side mod for TS2 Remix that adds new weapons, enemies, and 3 modded levels to TimeSplitters 2.
-Siberia, Return to Planet X, and Robot Factory now have their own custom storylines and weapons.
-Different modded weapons than the main mod. This includes more outlandish guns, like the single-shot Donderbus, the powerful Dante's Repeater, and throwable grenades.
-Mapmaker turrets now fire shotgun shells. They shoot slower, but launch multiple pellets at once.

-The Mox Weapon now drops when the user is killed, and it can be picked up and used by the player. In the Disc 2 Patch, this is also the case in Return to Planet X.
-The Desert Eagle is a fully functioning gun in Arcade and Mapmaker story mode. It is a sidegrade to the Garrett Revolver that has a slightly smaller magazine but can zoom in on targets for more accurate shots. It can also be dual-wielded.
-Dam and Wild West are unlocked in Arcade mode. They can be played in Deathmatch modes, Flame Tag, and Virus.
-Mapmaker story levels can be played in co-op. Co-op versions of the 3 sample Mapmaker story maps (Porridge Bust, Zombie Lab, and Splitter Base) are included with the mod. The 3 bonus Mapmaker story levels made for the mod also support co-op.
-MapMaker spawn limits have been increased to 1000.
-Consultant is unlocked by default as a character.
-All hidden guns (Silenced Luger, Gun Powder, etc.) are unlocked by default.
-Gallery entries for almost every character have been changed.
-Enemies like the Sewer Zombie and Drone Splitter have new attacks in Story Mode.

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