This is a combat-centric mod that reworks TS2's gameplay to be more like its predecessor. Shotguns have more reserve ammo, pistols share ammo with SMGs, rifles use the same ammo, and reloads are twice as fast as usual! The time-to-kill is considerably quicker, so act fast and think faster!

It is intended for Arcade Mode, but it should have no issues being used in Story Mode or MapMaker. All of the major changes of the mod are listed in the articles section.

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-All weapon reloads are 00:00.47 seconds long, the same speed as TS1's reloads and the TS2 Rocket Launcher's reload.
-Most weapons now deal additional damage per shot. Specific damage changes are listed in a separate document.
-Pistols share ammo with the Tommy Gun and SBP90, and they now have 500 total ammo. They also have simpler HUD ammo counters.
-Snipers share ammo with the Soviet S47, and they now have 200 total ammo. They also have simpler HUD ammo counters.
-Shotguns now have 100 total ammo. They also have simpler HUD ammo counters.
-The Scifi Handgun's primary fire is fully automatic, ricochets less often, and fires slower than its usual burst. Its secondary fire is unchanged.
-The Silenced Pistol, Luger Pistol, Silenced Luger, Garrett Revolver, and Desert Eagle now fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.
-The Desert Eagle deals the same damage as the Garrett Revolver and uses Pistol Ammo. It has one less shot in its magazine, but it can zoom in for better accuracy at range.
-The TNT has a max ammo of 5 bombs, and it always gets 5 ammo on pickup.
-The Tactical 12-Gauge and Shotgun fire bullets instead of buckshot. They no longer knock enemies back and do not lose damage over distance.
-The Tactical 12-Gauge's primary fire is slightly faster.
-Both the Vintage Rifle and Sniper Rifle shoot slighter faster. They also provide 25 rifle ammo on pickup.
-The Grenade Launcher shoots faster.
-The Brick and Crossbow now deal additional damage over distance.
-The Crossbow, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher have simpler HUD ammo counters.
-The Mox Weapon now drops when the user is killed in Arcade Mode and Mapmaker Story. This does not occur in Return To Planet X in Story Mode.
-Dam and Wild West are automatically unlocked in Arcade Mode. They are playable in Deathmatch modes, Flame Tag, and Virus.
-Mapmaker Story levels can now be played in co-op. Two starting points must be placed on the level, or else one of the players will fall out of the map at the start.
-All hidden weapons are available by default.
-The Consultant is now unlocked for use in Arcade Mode and MapMaker.
-MapMaker spawn limits have been raised to 1000.
-Thief mode can now be played with teams.

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TS2 Arcade Throwback Mod

TS2 Arcade Throwback Mod

Full Version

Includes the patch, custom textures, and other documents for the mod.

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