Story: It is nearly the same story as in Half-Life, but with a few differences. As Gordon Freeman you jumped into a teleport in the Half-Life level 'Lambda Complex' and entered the world of Xen. In my altered story you don't land in Xen, you land in another, unknown part of Black Mesa, because the scientist in the Lambda Complex mixed up the coordinates 'a bit'. After a long unconsciousness you wake up and don't know where you are, and you've lost your suit and all your weapons during the teleporting sequence! You heard the soldiers saying they're going to fall out, but, however, some of them are still here and have the order to eliminate you, Gordon Freeman. And you must find a way to escape from Black Mesa.... Features: - 7 new maps - new textures - new models - new code - new sounds

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This was a fun little mod. Plot is basically to escape. No new enemies or weapons. A couple unique skins. Puzzles were pretty easy and combat was well-balanced. A good play if you want a short, sweet Half-Life mod.


Really nice work! Good geometry, triggers without bugs, adequate plot. Short but worth to be played!


This mod was almost a pristine hl-vanilla mod, and I loved it. We can blame it's not original (it almost doesn't have new textures, no new enemies, weapons, places, etc.). That's true. But is that a sin? Yeah, it's basically HL with new maps. But the maps are mostly well designed, a very neat Black Mesa mapping, as in Blue Shift. The gameplay is HL's gameplay. But only the best. Yeah, if we love HL, we will love this mod. One of those mods not hard to handle, that don't bring a lot of new things, but are really enjoyable after a hard work day! I recommend it!
Bad points: a room with very high poly, some hull glitches, not enough health and grunts that snip you behind a fence.


A perfect Black Mesa mod. I loved all of it. I even loved the return to the one Blue Shift area with the crashed train. I even loved some of the new textures and models and enemies. Even the English foreign voice acting for Barney was well done. Overall, Times of Troubles gets a 10/10! Perfect mod to play if you're bored or want a true Black Mesa mod!:)

Spectacular, but not too much.
The base is close to original Black Mesa, respect this.


Solid gameplay and high quality level design and detalization. Great short story.

It is a bit short, but well-made classic Half-Life action mod.

A relatively short mission but it has quite a good balance on difficulty. Its never quite hard or easy and it has some puzzle solving, vent crawling.
The mod takes the 'what if?' route of story telling and you have to go through a totally different chain of events which ultimately are definitely not as good as half-life's.

The level design has a good mix between realism and progression as trying to get the 2 right is a juggling act.
While its setting is the very definition of standard (labs-offices-trainyard-surface) its actual design has attention to details, like the place has been lived in and wrecked.
Theres some new content in the form of easter eggs, and eggs here is a pun :D If you find it you'll see why :)
the big enemies are absent along with the assassins.
You feel like you felt trying to escape Black Mesa. I wanted it to be longer and felt the ending was a little weak but its worth playing if you liked half-life.


Excellent Mod from every angle. Really made me feel like I was back in Black Mesa, just like the original Half-Life. This Mod had a lot of elements that reminded me of Half-Life's gameplay, and I really appreciated that. The architecture was very nice, there was a good use of AI scripted sequences, textures was wisely picked, and even the custom voice recordings were good. I was especially impressed by how polished the Mod looked, and overall it felt like a very professional experience and was very well done. Nice work, and I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Mod that brings back nostalgic memories of the old Half-Life.

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