Those Among Us is a horror-adventure mod that is obviously filled with scares, puzzles, and of course, the joy of playing a horror mod that actually HAS horror in it, instead of some cheap 1-week project that is focused around PewDiePie instead of actually scaring someone who is NOT PewDiePie and making their mod actually nice and persistent. Release date is TBA, but I plan on it coming around mid-June. I would love to put a lot of work into this and make it perfect before release.
But instead of talking about some stupid timing and why the mod is amazing, let's actually tell you some backstory.
You play as the character, Nick, who's son is dead because of your hands. Breaking out of the prison that chains you after a collapse, you soon realize that there is more that meets the eye. Shadows, those things out of the corner of your eye. Hallucination takes place, and you're beginning to realize, this is reality. There is no hallucinations. There is no visions or voices. This is actually it. These are those among us.

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News #1 - Still in Progress


Hey everyone! Believe it or not, I am still alive and well. School has taken its toll on me and I've been more focused on that than anything right now, including modding. But, I got the chance this weekend to be able to throw in some pretty cool stuff that I think is going to look very interesting once it is up and running. Some aspects of the mod may come from the actual game, but not map design or anything: just ideas that would make it nicer. Because who wants a game that they've already played?

Anyways, I've been working on the mod a little and got some ideas, all that stuff. I wrote stuff down on a little piece of paper that I needed to talk about and then I lost it. So I'm just trying to take this off of memory.

I'm interested to see how this mod turns out really. I learned I didn't have to work on one map at a time and then move on to the next. So now multiple maps are in progress, and they're looking good design-wise. I'll post some pictures at the time, but I'm currently writing an essay for my English class that i want done tonight. I might have time then to be able to do a little more level design. I'm pretty excited about that.

Okay, how about lent? I don't want to seem like I don't appreciate you guys for watching the mod and waiting for it's release. You are people after all, so why not learn something about you? What did you give up for lent? And if you didn't, what have you given up for lent in the past? Just a little community thing that may bring people closer together, and I would be able to learn something about the community, being fairly distant and new to moddb.

Also, anything you would suggest to be in the mod besides custom sounds, music and models, because I don't believe I could get any of those kinds of software to work on my laptop. I mean more as a game-base kind of thing. Like say you want a pot to fly off of a shelf and break a door. I believe that is doable. Or maybe a monster randomly appears out of nowhere and goes around you and breaks a door. That is also doable. I don't know, I was looking at some scripting for door scares earlier that seemed pretty interesting.

I do believe that is it. Any comments or concerns about the mod, either PM me directly or comment below. I love to hear from people and it'd be nice to see some people on this site for once.

Thanks guys!
HypocritesAnonymous (Hypo)



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HypocritesAnonymous Creator

Hey guys!

I'm sorry, but for now this Custom Story will be put down. Sorry for any problems ):

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Seems interesting.

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