The project is a HD texture mod for the first part of the game series Thief: The Dark Project / Thief Gold.

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Feb 16 2014 Anchor

Thief: The Dark Project / Thief Gold HD Mod 1.2

What is the HD Texture Mod?
The project is a HD texture mod for the first part of the game series Thief: The Dark Project / Thief Gold.

Some Notes:

The HD mod requires a lot of graphic and CPU power!


What adds the HD Mod to the game?
- added HD textures for all original missions
- added new vegetation
- added new water and lava textures
- added new torch and fire flames
- added new Fog FX (Applies only to the following missions - Escape!, Strange Bedfellows, Into The Maw of Chaos)
- added new Bugbeast HD skin
- added new Burrick HD skin
- added Zombie HD skin
- added new "t2skies" skies
- added Interactive Candels
- added new water arrow FX
- added new gas arrow FX
- added new smoke FX
- added new waterfall / fountain FX
- added new fire attack / explosion FX
- added new moss arrow texture
- added new flame FX for the "Fire Shadow" model
- added new blood FX for all enemies
- added new blood FX for Garrett
- added new cobweb attack FX on red spiders
- added new earth mage attack FX
- added new electricity FX in Break from Cragscleft Prison
- added new lava FX in "Into the Maw of Chaos"
- added a lantern in Break from Cragscleft Prison
- added new zombie models from T2X (you can cutting off their arms and head. If a zombie loses both arms he can´t fight with you)
- added new Farkus model
- added carry body mod (THX to R Soul)
- added "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool v1.1"
- added full english subtitles for all characters

How do I get the game ready with the HD Mod?

Step 1:
Start with a clean fresh installation of the game!

Step 2:
Download and install the newest TFix version!

Please install "TFix" BEFORE installing the HD Mod! DO NOT install "TFix" AFTERWARDS!
Also you should NOT install "TGTool" instead of TFix because it brings issues!

TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold
TFix is an all-in-one fix pack for Thief and Thief Gold (apply & play, no other fixes are necessary). it uses NewDark, the brand new update of the Dark Engine - this improves compatibility with new pcs significantly, fixes graphic issues, adds support for widescreen resolutions and much more (see the notes, including the final one).

Step 3:
Download and install the newest Thief 1 HD Mod Full Version (1.2) to your Thief 1 / Gold main directory!

The path should look like this:
(Example 1): D:\Games\Thief1\
(Example 2): D:\Games\SteamApps\common\thief_gold\

After a correct installation the HDMOD folder should be directly in your Thief 1 / Gold directory!

Because of to many changes there is no patch from version 1.0 to 1.2!

Full Installer

What is LAA (Large Address Aware):

Game or DromEd is running out or close to run out of memory (i.e.
process uses between 1.5GB and 2GB memory. Especially noticable when
using hires texture packs or FMs with loats of hires textures.

* If you have 3GB or more system memory you can try to patch the
EXE file to enable Large Address Aware, to allow the process to
use more than 2GB memory.

setup 1 2 c

The HD mod v1.2 uses its own improved objects. This means that the EP2 (Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0) will be ignored.
So it is no longer necessary to download the EP2 pack!

!!!You have to enable Vsync!!!
There is a NewDark problem what a user has found today. It has nothing to do with the HD mod. It also happens with TFix! In "The Haunted Cathedral" mission those pedestals (you put stones on it to open the gates) don't work if Vsynch is set to off! This is a strange NewDark problem. Also in "Down in the Bonehoard" the falling rock trap isn't working if Vsync is set to off! And i think there are more problems who exist!

So Vsync has to be ON -> for EVERYONE!

You can activate it with the "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool"!

That's it!
Enjoy the Game! :)


NOTE: For all those who have installed v1.0 or an older version:
Please use the HD MOD UNINSTALLER or DELETE THE "HDMOD" FOLDER from your thief gold main directory and start the setup installer from version 1.2!
Better you start with a clean fresh installation of the game!


What is the "Water Mod Tool"?

With the new "Water Mod Tool" you can choose between 5 different water types. Change your thief water when ever you want!

water mod tool

What is the "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool"?

Use this tool to change your Thief 1 graphics settings (Anti-Aliasing, Bloom FX...and much more!)

mipmap bias:

Here i want to explain the "mipmap bias" option:

A positive bias value makes a texture appear extra blurry, while a negative bias sharpens the texture.

You can see it here:

GIF Animation (value from -4,0 to -0.5 / Anti-Aliasing is OFF here!)

Using a value with -4.0 makes the whole screen view sharp into large distance.

Between the value -1.0 and -0.5 the difference is that everything looks even more blurred.

Note that using large negative bias can reduce performance.

Find your own perfect mipmap bias setting for's hardware dependent!

-1.0 is default!

NewDark Graphics Settings Tool v1.1
- If you move the mouse cursor over a button you will see a short info about the function!
- Subtitles are disabled by default! Use the Tool to activate them!

New Screen Overlay Blood FX:
The new blood FX is disabled by default. You can activate it with the "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool".

newdark tool 1 1

Check also this thread:
> NewDark Graphics Settings Tool - Config Preview - Thread <

Some Notes:

Please do NEVER try to edit the "cam_ext.cfg" manually... don´t play with the files! The tool may not work correctly after that! Use ALWAYS the "NewDark Graphics Settings" tool!


Don't use this tool for Thief 2! The game will crash!

There are also preview images for all configs (full color version)! Open the "NewDark Graphics Settings" tool and click on the "Config Preview" buttons on the left window corner below!

(Applies only to the following missions - Escape!, Strange Bedfellows, Into The Maw of Chaos!)
You can deactivate the "Fogging FX" if you don't like it.
To do that, start the game and select "options" -> "video".

You don't get any info about the loot you steal - there is only the sound...?

Take a look at the game options:
Options > Game > Auto-Equip

Set it to "ON" !

How to enable screenshots for Steam:

Go into your game installation folder and open up the file "cam_ext.cfg" with notepad and search for
Remove the semicolon (;) at the front, save and exit. Steam screenshots should work now! :)

How do I get the game ready to play FMs?

> Thief Fan Missions FAQ <


> Thief Gold HD Mod Changelog <


Can I donate?
This HD mod project is free available for everyone and stays that way! This is also in mind of the developer! But into this project was invested over three years of hard work. So it is your own free choice to make a small donate for the developer.
Thank you!

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Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Hi Bentraxx, i want to make you one question.

Why the banners in cragscleft prison are not in HD?

because of that I make this texture but the game don't take it, or look blurred.

here is the file is a dds texture

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Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Hello ceioptions and welcome to the forum :)

That's right. Not all textures are in HD until now...especially objects!

Sorry but i can't download your dds file!

It says:
Enter decryption key


Feb 19 2014 Anchor

Hi Bentraxx here is the image I have converted it to jpg image the original is dds

Feb 20 2014 Anchor

Hello Bentraxx! Thanks for making such a cool mod but apparently... for me it doesn't work.

I have Win 7 SP1 (x64) with AMD Radeon 7800 series and intelcore i3 3.30GHz. My game is Thief Gold on Steam. It's installed on a different partition than Windows.

I did everything as was mentioned in here:
even with installing DIRECTX9 and VC+ 2008 as the Tfix said. I didn't open the game before installing all of these components and I did disable my Steam for it. I run every installation as admin.

I have no idea what I did wrong, I am sure textures in my game are not these HD, comparing to your videos on YT. The only difference I noticed is that it got rid off the Vsync (that's something!). I wasn't sure if I should have had my NewDark Graphics Settings opened before running the game. There was no "save" option also...

What am I supposed to do now to get your mod working properly on my PC?
Thanks in advance


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Feb 20 2014 Anchor

@ ceioptions

Your texture has a non-power resolution (1152 x 1152)
You have to use 1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512...2048 x 2048 is also possible!


Hello jasium and welcome to the forum!

When you install the HD Mod (setup) you have to delete the "ThiefGold" on your installation path!

Don't install it under the path "thief_gold\ThiefGold". This makes no sense...

The "HDMOD" folderpath should look like this (example): D:\Games\SteamApps\common\thief_gold\HDMOD

That's all :)


Feb 20 2014 Anchor

OH right!

I didn't notice the installing program adds the additional folder in the destination path :D
Now it makes sense, and YES it works.

Thanks Bentraxx for such a cool mod, and your support, you rock!

Feb 20 2014 Anchor

bentraxx The dds is in 2048 x 2048

Feb 21 2014 Anchor

Okay good. You have to use DDS DXT1 + Mipmaps

Please try it again. It should work...

Feb 21 2014 Anchor

thanks I will tested it if it works I will continue working in other textures...

which filehosting works good for you?

Hello again I did what you told me and happens the same as before the texture looks blurred...
here are some pictures of what im saying.

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Feb 21 2014 Anchor

Maybe the problem is your converter!

Please try it again with this DDS Converter

I use this tool for myself!

Feb 21 2014 Anchor

I used psp7 (paint shop pro), but well I will download and use that tool you advise me, thanks I will tell you how it works and I downsampled the texture to 512 no result


I downloaded the tool you advise me I downsample the image to 256 it looks blurry but at least better than in the screenshots, the image looks in this way

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Feb 22 2014 Anchor

Hi Bentaxx, fantastic mod! I just stumbled upon it yesterday.

I have a question. Some of the textures appear to be the older variety from the original Thief game. Is this supposed to be like that? I attached some screenshots from the training mission so you can see.

Feb 22 2014 Anchor

@ ceioptions

Maybe the problem could be your hardware...
I think i will create the "sign" textures for the "Cragscleft" mission these days...


Hallo maplesyrup87 and welcome to the forum!

these textures are from the "Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0".
That happens when you install "TFix" Patch after the HD Mod! Open up the file called "cam_mod.ini" with notepad and make sure that the last line looks like this (you can copy it from here!):

mod_path hdmod+hdmod\t2skies+ep2\thief1+ep2+usermods+patches

Because of this you have to install the HD Mod at the last step :)


Edited by: Bentraxx

Feb 22 2014 Anchor

Worked like a charm. :)

Once again, this is fantastic work you've done!

Seeing this in HD is incredible.

Feb 22 2014 Anchor

good and thanks

Feb 25 2014 Anchor

your 5 step process was simple and works flawlessly so far on Thief gold through steam. Now I downloaded Thief 2 through steam as well. Do i follow the same 5 steps for T2, are there additional steps? sorry if you answered this already above. Thanks.

Feb 25 2014 Anchor

This is no Thief 2 Forum... but i will answer your question ;)

The HD Mod isn't made for "thief 2"! Thief Gold only...

Step 1:

Install the newest version of the Tafferpatcher !

Step 2:

Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0
If you want to have also improved object models and textures you have to download the "Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0"!
You can download it on TTLG forums here:

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Feb 25 2014 Anchor

Hello Bentraxxx how about the progress of the Cragscleft prision banners?

Feb 27 2014 Anchor

Hello, Bentraxx.

Just like jasium4, I can't get this to work. Are the folders supposed to be like this after installation?

  • thief_gold
    • HDMOD

      • ThiefGold

        • HDMOD
        • setting_files

I did delete the "ThiefGold" on the installation path, so... not sure what happened here.

Edited by: bhava

Feb 28 2014 Anchor

Hallo bhava and welcome to the forum!

Maybe it helps you if you watch this video:

@ ceioptions
It's still in work :)


Edited by: Bentraxx

Feb 28 2014 Anchor


Feb 28 2014 Anchor

I got it working! The video helped me pay attention to folder paths. Thanks!

Mar 8 2014 Anchor

Hey Bentraxx. I just started preparing for my run through Assassins and I'm finding that multiple fires close to each other in Ramirez's mansion are crippling my framerate. Any chance we could get a lite version of the fire FX with an option to turn it on or off?

I just realized I made a few mistakes in my video.

1. None of the optional components added by TFix are needed. T2 Skies and Daemonite's Meshes are already included in the HD mod. T2 Water is unnecessary because of the new Water Mod Tool, and oRGy's Texture Pack is unnecessary because it replaces many of the same textures that come with the HD mod. The Thief Enhancement Pack that comes with TFix is v1 and doesn't need to be installed if you are planning on using Thief Enhancement Pack v2 as Bentraxx suggests in Step 5.

2. If you use TFix a second time to uninstall or re-install optional components, it will change your cam_mod.ini file. If you use TFix again at any point after installing the HD mod and you don't feel like editing ini files, just re-install the HD mod by running the installer and patch again. That will overwrite anything TFix changed.

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Mar 14 2014 Anchor

is this dead?

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