The Ultimate Universe Mod began in January 2007 with the goal then being a multi stage development process. Chris Jones Gaming as an entity had just begun, and the team, growing by the day, was off to create one heck of a mod. The team acquired modelers, mappers, scripters, programmers, and other ‘staff’. We ended up releasing a ‘demo’ on 4/14/07 – Followed immediately by a little patch to fix a few things. Demo Patch two was released to the public on 5/21/07 after much beta testing, which included all new TOS ships from Moonraker, and a reworked single player campaign from Gamemaster, among other things. Many new missions and 1 on 1 maps added. Mindwipe provided many new sound effects and produced a very nice soundtrack for each race in the mod. Then came The Ultimate Borg, Dominion, then a full 1.0 release on 9/24/07. Stage 2 is in progress with no set release date. Stay tuned my friend.

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Well Well - The wild ride continues with The Ultimate Universe. Stage 2 is well under way with MAJOR Scripting events. I personally have taken up scripting, and can't seem to stop. With the help of Re and Muldrf/Markeno - I have become a scripting addict - and to that end..

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All Eras of Bajor Exploration Maps now in Stage 1 from ENT to TNG are being
scripted with little storylines (they will have some battles) - many
team members are doing voiceovers. In fact every Exploration map now in Stage 1 will
be a story unto itself. ALL of them!

Exploration was the original mission of the NCC-1701 - to seek out and explore
strange new worlds.. We are doing it..

The actual goal for Stage 2 is to have every single Stage 1 historical and
original mission scripted to begin and end properly, as well as be engaging and
fun for the player – same for Exploration. That WILL happen.
The Ultimate Universe Stage 1 Original Mission 'Dominion
Earth' is being scripted with voiceovers, and will be released as a
stand-alone mission - A storyline will be associated with this - tied to the
Dominion War.

Sunshine and ChrisJones will supply voices - Sunshine is the Captain,
and will also give a victory speech after a successful mission. In the event
you lose - Chris plays the part of a Starfleet Admiral who does his best to keep
things together. It sounds and feels rather dark to be looking at Earth after
your own death listening to the Admiral.

You'll see a lot going on - ship placement on the map is such that the action
starts up immediately, with certain goals to be achieved. Transport and cargo
ships are in the system, doing their best to avoid conflict.

There'll be Captain's chatter and general bridge chatter going on during
battle, including a great exchange between The Fed Captain (Sunshine), and a
Cardassian Gul.

Storyline by JC2006, Scripting by Chris Jones

There will be 2 versions of this - the traditional map now in Stage
of those gigantic maps with Earth to scale. On the big map you'll start out
right in the action, and as you progress towards Earth, things get rougher.

The Dominion have infected EVERYTHING..including the main EARTH Starbase and
the USS Lakota, which has been beefed up by Dominion.

Look for a video - still tweaking, adding, etc..
Stage 2 will be a balancing act where the ships will have a much more realistic
feel to them - the Uber ships will be moved to their own Uber race slot - where
balancing does not matter, and the remaining races, including the Federation,
will be balanced out.

Things being done since Stage 1:

  • Xindi, Tholian, Gorn - and some Delta Quadrant races(these in one race slot separated by era)
  • An Enhanced Terran Empire - in its own race slot - fixed up by Phoenix
  • A Complete Section 31 slot - done up by Ganondorf2002
  • More Romulans and TOS ships (Oberths) by Phoenix.
  • The current Stage 1 OneonOne has been/will be replaced by Muldrf's Tools.
  • All other Stage 1 Modes will be seriously overhauled.
  • Miri's Hot will continue his graphic/explosion enhancements.
  • Phoenix, Grunt, Max Loef, and the great Moonraker will grace us with more awesome ships, and some ships will come from surprise sources..
  • Mindwipe and Laserdisc will provide cinematic brilliance.
  • Muldrf will apply his scripting talents as needed.
  • Ryugi Kazamaru will assist with balancing and give voices to some missions.
  • There will also be some special guest voices!
  • JC2006 will provide map updates and storylines for many missions/scenarios.
  • All Stage 1 Skirmish maps are being looked at and fixed up or adjusted as needed.


See you out there,

Chris Jones/The Ultimate Universe Mod Team

P.S. Check out our video section for small previews of our scripted missions...


so the % is close to 100%
SOwhens is it going to release?
and don't bull crap at me or bitch at me Ok

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StarKnight1701 Author

More like 75%.

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