The Ultimate Universe Mod began in January 2007 with the goal then being a multi stage development process. Chris Jones Gaming as an entity had just begun, and the team, growing by the day, was off to create one heck of a mod. The team acquired modelers, mappers, scripters, programmers, and other ‘staff’. We ended up releasing a ‘demo’ on 4/14/07 – Followed immediately by a little patch to fix a few things. Demo Patch two was released to the public on 5/21/07 after much beta testing, which included all new TOS ships from Moonraker, and a reworked single player campaign from Gamemaster, among other things. Many new missions and 1 on 1 maps added. Mindwipe provided many new sound effects and produced a very nice soundtrack for each race in the mod. Then came The Ultimate Borg, Dominion, then a full 1.0 release on 9/24/07. Stage 2 is in progress with no set release date. Stay tuned my friend.

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'Dominion Earth' scripted mission set for release - compatible with the current release (Stage 1) of The Ultimate Universe.

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'Dominion Earth' The Story.

Dominion War era setting, at Earth. All Hypothetical of course.

The Dominion had sent some Breen ships to Earth to launch an attack and an attempt at a takeover. This is after the destruction of the USS Defiant at Chintoka. The Federation had discovered how to resist the Breen energy dampening weapon by this time - and just in time. At great losses to the Federation and it's allies, the Breen were repelled. This only served to anger the Founders and the Dominion, who sent their own ships in to get the job done. The Dominion managed to take over Starbase 001 at Earth, along with the USS Lakota and a few other docks and stations. There are several Dominion Battleships, Warships, Transports for the White, and Jem'Hadar fighters around Earth. Independent shipping and civilians have been left alone - for now. This is where you, the player, come in...

You lead a fleet of 5 ships. You can select 4 (Federation) and a Klingon Neghvar warps in behind you to join you. The Klingon Homeworld of Kronos is now serving as a base of operations for the Allied fleet. There's a cinematic opening, which gives you an 'around your ship' sort of view while listening to the Captain (Sunshine) do the Captain's log telling the story. When you are dropped into battle, you immediately encounter a big bad Dominion Battleship, like the one from 'The Valiant' episode of Deep Space Nine.

If you choose only 1, 2, or 3 ships, your fleet will be filled in for you automatically, always having 4 ships to control, with the Neghvar being a constant in each scenario. The idea is to work your way towards Earth. As you get closer, things get nastier.

The Dom Battleship is bad, but can be defeated. This map has some objectives, which will displayed to you just after the opening cinematic. There are some Tranports nearby, easy targets, but they need to be taken out. One of the most fun features of this mission is the bridge chatter you hear during battle. Sunshine as the Captain is clearly in charge of things, with crew serving their Captain well.

There's a stranded Akira class that you can rescue. You tow it to a Shipyard near the Moon, where it will dock, get repaired, and join you, automatically. This includes a distress call from the Akira as you approach it, plasma venting, and the Captain of the Akira thanking you for helping him after the Akira docks itself. The Akira even tells you it's joining the fight, and will seek you out.

The Dominion Controlled Federation Starbase is your next destination, as you progress towards Earth. It will start firing on you and your fleet. If you hail the base, a very interesting conversation takes place between Sunshine (The Captain of your ship), and the base. There are a few little stations and sensors around the base that need to be eliminated, and, The USS Lakota, this time run by shapeshifters.

After that you weed your way through some Dominion Warships and transports, only to be greeted by two more Battleships, more warships, and the Jem'Hadar. This is where Chancellor Gowron's fleet will decloak and help you. If by chance you lose your entire Federation fleet, you gain control of the Klingon fleet, whatever part of it is left, which will include the original Neghvar that helped you in the beginning, if it is still alive. If that Neghvar dies, a special audio message will trigger.

Should you defeat the entire Dominion armada, The Captain (Sunshine) gives a victory speech. If you are defeated, a Federation Admiral (my voice) gives a very low keyed speech about Earth being lost.

This is a very engaging, interactive, and fun Mission, enhanced by lots of Bridge chatter and things to do.
There are two versions of this - the above scenario uses a newer map than the Stage 1 version. The mission with the original Stage 1 map does not have the Starbase, but the rest is there. I'll get a couple of videos out before the actual release of this. The UU team will be my beta testers on this. They may tell you I am quite into this mission, not doing much else recently. The missions will require 'The Ultimate Universe' Stage 1 to play.

You'll hear voiceovers from Grunt and JC2006 as well as myself and Sunshine. Mindwipe will make sure the newly recorded audio is perfect.

Scripting by Chris Jones, with guidance and assistance from Muldrf.

Voiceovers from:

Sunshine (Female Captain)
Capt. Ryugi Kazamru (various)
Max Loef (upset bridge crew member)
Grunt (various)
JC2006 (Captain of a disabled ship)
myself (various fill ins - engineering, etc..)

As of this post the missions are in Team Beta mode.. :)
Stay Tuned..

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