Imagine a game in which you don't know who to trust, you don't know who may be about to kill you, in fact you don't even know who is human and who is artificial. Played online, your quarry is another human player but can you find them amongst the AI inhabitants of the Ship? Once you know who they are, find yourself a weapon but keep an eye out for security guards and cameras. If you're spotted trying to murder someone you'll be transported to the Brig and suffer a hefty fine. If you succeed in killing your quarry Mr. X will reward you with a cash prize, depending on how entertaining he found your murder. At the same time you must look after yourself, wash, sleep, eat and have fun and remember - always look over your shoulder because somewhere there's a player looking for you!

This classic mod is now a standalone game built on the source engine.

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Outerlight are proud to announce the release of version 52 of The Ship

New Features

  • Elimination Mode - Players are assigned quarries in an ever decreasing loop with the winner of each round awarded a $10,000 prize.
  • Hunt Mode - The traditional mode with quarries reassigned after each kill.
  • New Maps Seriphos and Volantyne
  • New Generic Male Model
  • Loads of Bug Fixes
  • Loads of Map Fixes

Check out -

New Version of The Ship Mod

News 5 comments

Scottish-based Games Developer Outerlight would like to announce the release of a new version of their Half-Life 1 mod – The Ship. The first release...

10 Years of Half-Life

10 Years of Half-Life

Feature 95 comments

After 10 years, we look back at everything that the original Half-Life has given us.

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The Ship Server Guide


An official The Ship Server guide.

The Ship Play Guide


Official The Ship Play Guide.

The Ship v0.52

Full Version 37 comments

The latest version of HL mod The Ship.

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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,817 comments

What a strange mod that was.

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hardcorekilla_d-_-b - - 30 comments

good night out

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RecycledDoom - - 58 comments

Hi guys! I've found a discord for this mod.

Otherwise, I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. I am also trying to make this place an informational hub. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. We play a mod of the week every Friday/Saturday.

Check us out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DoktorWhiplash - - 245 comments

More like the ****.... Because thats what this mod is!!!! Amazing mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
pjose123 - - 6 comments

Wow.. Just Wow..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TacoDeBoss - - 130 comments


EWWW.. This was a Half-Life mod before it was a Source mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-14 votes
tschumann - - 1,086 comments

It was a Half-Life mod before it was a Source game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
CoolMan1342 - - 39 comments

Cool I didn't know that!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Gamer153 - - 3 comments

Many games were first half life mods before source games,like counter strike or team fortress

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

and before team fortress was a mod for quake

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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