The mod takes place 100 years after an apocalyptic attack that terrified the earth. When humanity was on the verge of extinction.
The humanity that remains is divided and wars have broken out. Its mission is to create peace among all factions.


There are 6 different factions, each one will have its attributes.

Neo Nazi
Socialist order
US soldiers
The New World Order
The cult

Mods that i used for do this mod and credits for 3d models:

The Reckoning original folder made by La_Grandmasters- The Reckoning : For M&B

World map hd made by andrewraphaellukasik - World Map HD v1.2

New female body made by DtheHun - New female body

New female face and hair mod upload by Reiji21 and made by Waswar, Adeline, Full Invasion 2 Team - Female hair

21 house model come from festung breslau expanded fronts made by CaptainArtard

Weapons and clothes from: calradia modern warfare made by Colonel_Ryan

This mod only works with the 1171 module system. The code was made from scratch using some codes from The Reckoning.

This mod runs on any computer but if you want to run in a higher quality just install the mod "Retexture"ENB for Retexture V1 (install directx)



1 2

The Pistol is a lightweight firearm. A pistol is a small gun with good grip and quick handling



Magnus are lethal weapons that can kill with one shot.

Automatic weapons:



- Automatic weapons are best for deal with several enemies at the same time

- Fn scar scope will have sniper zoom

Grenade e rpg


Kill a group easily



Good weapons for short range


2 1


To use the sniper press "v"

Snipers are the best long range weapons

Nemesis minegun (infinity) :(free3d made by Votc)


The strongest weapon in the game.

- Fires 5,000 shots per minute
-Break shields and armor

Melee weapon:



Shield for protection against almost any type of bullet



- Military clothing has armored larger
- The equipment ranges from 50 to 150 of defense for kevlar vest

-The bigger this protection, the greater the price

- The merchants have their faction's clothes.




Zombies and Zombies boss in map (Zombies from Chile Zombie" created oby "Branko De Ferrari")

Coming soon : The Reckoning - RE Custon map Edition



Questions and complaints send me a private message . If you are interested in doing this mod with me send a pv.Thank you

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The Reckoning   RE Edition

The Reckoning RE Edition

Full Version 7 comments

The Reckoning - RE Custon map Edition (Zombies from Chile Zombie" created oby "Branko De Ferrari")

The Reckoning The new beginning v4 full version

The Reckoning The new beginning v4 full version

Full Version 6 comments

The Reckoning The new beginning v4 full version. (Just install in game foulder)

The Reckoning The new beginning v3.2 patch

The Reckoning The new beginning v3.2 patch

Patch 4 comments

To install just place in the folder The Reckoning The new beginning v.3.1 and replace the files(you need download all three files)

The Reckoning The new beginning v3.1 patch

The Reckoning The new beginning v3.1 patch

Patch 3 comments

To install just place in the folder The Reckoning The new beginning v.3 and replace the files. New game mechanics and any bugs fix.

The Reckoning Module system v3

The Reckoning Module system v3

Script 4 comments

The Reckoning Module system v3 - works 100% .

The Reckoning The new beginning v3 full version

The Reckoning The new beginning v3 full version

Full Version 4 comments

The Reckoning The new beginning v3 full version .

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I got some criticism for this newest mod which is the RE Edition, and it is constructive so I hope the developer may take this advice to further fixing the mod :
1. Guns are far away rarer than you ever think of. But luckily, you got yourself some guns to start with, which are an M14 sniper rifle, an assault M16 rifle, a shotgun, and a Berreta pistol (which is a great start for early gameplay). But as you get further with your gameplay, you started to see that you don't have any marketplace that sold guns except for some melee weapons, which can be quite frustrating since it means that once you got melee hand to hand with the zombies, it's already a game over, so the long-range battle is a better option for early gameplay.
2. Almost everything is ridiculously expensive as hell (except for the goods and foods with normal cheap cost). Even the gloves can cost 2000 money which is too much but it was being covered up thanks to the profit that you can loot from every group of zombies that you killed depends on the size of the group itself (the cheapest loot money that I could find from the group of zombie usually amount from 1000-2000 money and it the numbers of the group usually amounted from 20-23 zombies), but still it needs to be nerfed since the player is very poor at the start of the game itself
3. The US Soldier faction that I have been playing with doesn't wear any shoes from every troop tree that I see from them. At first, I ignored it, but until I finally realized that they already reached the elite levels and still doesn't wear any shoes already questioned myself a lot. They can literally wear full elite armor and elite military weapons but cannot afford a single pair of shoes? Please fix the design of the US Soldier troop tree. (plus it is logical to wear shoes since it can prevent your bare feet from being easily bit by the zombies)
4. Some units just spawned using nothing but melee weapons as their defense. I literally recruiting some US sniper soldier recruit only to find them getting leveled up into an elite level for some time after and using only a knife as their weapon of choice despite their name being called as snipers. The developer needs to fix it or maybe create a new troop tree for melee units only since it is more logical rather than having some elite troops just wandering around wearing no shoes and using a knife as their weapons while being called "snipers"
5. You are very poor at the start of the game and you need to sell at least one of your guns (don't sell the pistol, they literally cost 0 money despite guns being rare in this mod) in order to buy some foods and recruit at least 10 units to fend off a group of 20-25 zombies. Plus there is no multiple choice for the background story so it reduces the variety of different skill for the start of the game itself.

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will vehicles be added hummers etc

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some constructive criticisms I have of this mod are the background used anywhere you are supposed to read text.
the background is very dark and dirty, like rusty metal or burned paper, and the text is dark black. This makes some text impossible to read. even the buttons for characters and units in your party are completely impossible to read. The interface, inventory, and many other parts of the game that involve items or text are just SO SO DARK that it ruins my ability to enjoy the game. you just can not read anything.

Another issue is that on the map you have to move your mouse around like crazy because for some strange reason, all the units and groups and places on the map have large icons, but very small actual clickable areas, so you have to pause the game and hover your mouse above some zombies or a town for like 2 minutes straight until you find the correct place to hover over to get information, and also to be able to click to go somewhere.

the sad depressing piano music doesn't fit the zombie theme at all in any way, and just kills the mood entirely. There is no sense of excitement and horror or panick or fear, just this sad feeling with no sense of mystery or suspense or urgency, and no sense of thrill or impending danger or ominous spookyness or impending doom. all of the music is extremely dull and lacking in any kind of energy or intensity or passion.

another huge issue I noticed is that even with the highest possible stats that affect map movement speed, your character and group on the map are EXTREMELY SLOW. This makes going anywhere absolute torture.

Also, zombies on the map RUN AWAY from the character and their group if it is strong enough, which is unrealistic by the rules of zombies because zombies would never run away even if they were going to lose. Zombies are driven by instincts and corrupted versions of hunger and anger, and experience no fear in any way at all.
Not only that, but the zombies walk FASTER than my character and group on the map can drive. It's insane, I can't even catch the zombies and I have the highest map speed stats possible. I can't catch any enemies because of how slow I am. I spent 5 minutes running around the map chasing a normal group of boring slow normal low level zombies and I could never catch them, and I have the highest speed stats possible, and I was on a horse. I was on a horse. 50 speed horse. companions were on the same 50 speed horse.

all of these issues ruin the experience.
This is extremely frustrating, please fix this. Thanks.

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Oh I thought this was The Reckoning Third Stage. I didnt know there was a version based on the Calradia map.

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Deadpool45676 Creator

The Reckoning Third Stage mod is very heavy. This mod was made from scratch to run on any PC.

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When do u plan on releasing the next version?

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Deadpool45676 Creator


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Will you be making a new map etc.?

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Deadpool45676 Creator

The next version will be for the mount and blade 2 which will be released in a month.I will try.

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Awesome, looking forward to it!

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