A modification for Rome Total War: Alexander set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This mod is about trying to implement as many aspects of the tv show that can possibly be added.

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BagaturKhan says

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Saga about the Avatar in the TW engine. Really great work! i`m giving you 10\10. Sorry, can`t give more, for example 20, because there is a limit of only 10 ;)


Velserin says

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I'm giving this mod a 10 for not the current beta state of the mod, but for the state of polish it is going to reach eventually, because the mod just deserves it. Minor things will be enhanced, as far as I'm confident about the talent and patience of the mod creator.
This mod now already far exceeds simplicity of the original setting, and a simplicity of a typical "fan" product, as it is very interesting to play even without any connection to Avatar universe, if you just try to play it as a regular RTW mod. The mod is challenging, it thas a high replayability value and it is generally very fun and satisfying. Good luck KurdishNomad!


AlexZ95 says

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