France and the Hapsburg fight to gain ascendancy over Italy, involved are most of the Italian city states or lordships and even most of the European states. The war remains for more than sixty years on the Italian peninsula.

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Have you ever yearned to see the armies suggested by Machiavelli in his Dell’Arte della Guerra? Have a look at our latest preview!

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Italian Wars - Ultimate | Machiavelli's Military Reforms

Niccol Machiavelli, currently secretary of the war chancellery, has come up with a suggestion how we might become independent of the expensive and unreliable mercenaries and free soldiers. He plans to expand the militia system and organise citizens in permanent, well trained units. These would be less expensive and more reliable in battle than mercenaries with the sole disadvantage that citizens cannot be recruited in such numbers as mercenaries. Signore Machiavelli estimates that 15000 florins should suffice to build new armouries and training grounds and pay for the improved training of the militia. Do you wish to agree to this?

You all know this event, since we had it implemented in 4.0. Though the reform was somewhat thin for 15000 florins and that is why we have overhauled the units for this event. This might not be fully historical accurate, nevertheless we are certain that you will enjoy this new feature. The units shown below are going to replace the complete roster of the Signoria of Florence, but only if the Medici are banned from the city and as long as you are still a republic and not have declared the Grand Duchy of Tuscany!

These units were created according to Machiavelli's book Dell’Arte della Guerra. So you will have Regular, Extraordinary Pikemen and Veliti, but also the Scudati, light Cavalry and Gendarmes, ready for your command. The artillery will remain untouched, since Machiavelli considered them as already sufficient. Some units might not look very different to their predecessors, but they are definitely better trained and much more efficient during battle. Therefore, the turns for their recruitment were increased and their maintenance is much more costly, than for the "normal" militias.



Regular Veliti:

Extraordinary Veliti:

Regular Pikemen:

Extraordinary Pikemen:


Light Cavalry:


Your TIW-Modding Team


Love the Scudati, they are like Roman legionaries!

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Neadal Author

Thank you! Well, as you could read in the Art of War, it was Machiavelli's intention that these Scudati should fight and be armed/equipped like the old Romans :)

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"The end justifies the means"...or the "war justifies the weapons"?

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“The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Aha! Finally I understand all the puffy and frilly clothes ;D

Nice preview :)

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Neadal Author

Haha, it seems you got the point of what he was trying to say :D

Many thank's!

Though there won't be any news within the next two weeks. I am off sailing, to Sweden :P

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