France and the Hapsburg fight to gain ascendancy over Italy, involved are most of the Italian city states or lordships and even most of the European states. The war remains for more than sixty years on the Italian peninsula.

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Thank's to your votes on TWC you will now learn more about the newly created roster of the Hafsid Caliphate!

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Italian Wars - Ultimate | Hafsid Caliphate

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Leader: Caliph Muhammad V

The dynasty of the Hafisds, once an influential and true vassal of the Almohads, gained independence in the early 13th century, by pure calculation and the advantage of current unrests. The Hafsid Caliphs ruled the Ifrīqiya, which includes Tunisia, Algeria, and Tripolitania. The dominated even Morocco temporarily. But bitter backstrokes lead to a decline, also the rigorous advance by the European powers against the Hafsid piracy. Internal struggles did the rest, along with the independence efforts of several local tribesmen. Only a strong and determined Caliph will be able to lead the Hafisds to their former greatness.

Strength: Relies on swift cavalry and African mercenaries.
Weakness: Lacks heavy infantry and professional troops.
Historic unit: Janawa

Historic buildings:

The Souks of Tunis

The souks, traditional market districts, are the heart of every Arab city. Each craft branch and each guild has its own street, and the narrow and crowded streets are full of life. Here is the center of local and oversea trade, as well as the financial and credit system. The prosperity of the whole of Ifriqiya is based on the souks. Merchants, who have learned their craft here, can subsist everywhere and do not need to be afraid of hostile takeovers.

The Madrasat al-Ma'rad of Tunis

The Madrasat al-Ma'rad translated “place of study”, was built in 1295 by Muhammad II. It has become a well-known stronghold of learning throughout the Muslim world. Only the most pious and learned believers may enjoy the privilege to hear the word of Allah and study the correct interpretation of the Koran. This facility produces the most able imams the Muslim world has ever seen.

Starting position and strat models:

Starting position of the Hafsid Caliphate

Strat models of the Hafsid Caliphate

Battle banners:

General & Caliph banner:
Caliph banner
General banner

Battle Banner of the Cavalry

Missile units:
Battle Banner of the missile units

Battle Banner of the spearmen

Battle Banner of the infantry


Caliph's Bodyguard:
Showing the Caliph's Bodyguard

Palace Guard:
Showing the Palace Guard

Rumat Archers:
Showing the Rumat Archers

Christian Mercenary Crossbowmen:
Showing the Christian Mercenary Crossbowmen

Sudanese Archers:
Showing the Sudanese Archers

City Watch:
Showing the City Watch

Algerian Corsairs:
Showing the Algerian Corsairs

Sudanese Guard:
Showing the Sudanese Guard

Christian Mercenary Cavalry:
Showing the Christian Mercenary Cavalry

Showing the Huffaz

Showing the Janawa

Showing the Artillery

Descriptions - Marlborough
UI - Hyretic
Elvasat's Shield Textures
Battle Banner - Deatheye
In Nomine Dei

Your Neadal

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Another great preview! One of the "new" mods I most eagerly await. Thumbs up for Neadal and team, and keep up the good work.

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Neadal Author

Thanks for your praise! Very appreciated!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Oh ****!, this mod is awesome,its great the Ottoman Empire will have real muslim allie :D

Awesome work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Neadal Author

Actually, they struggled for control over Africa ;)
So it might be not that peaceful between them as you think.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Great job and well done, but a little side note, all the Muslim, Arabs or non Arabs, do not use animal or other living image, instead the use the name of god (Allah) in their Heraldry, and it is cool to use one in your mod, any way keep the good work .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Neadal Author

You are speaking about the faction symbol I assume?
Yes, I wasn't happy, too. Allegedly, it was the Hafsids symbol according to the Catalan Atlas, though this source was/is not verified. I chose it nevertheless because you can distinguish it from the Ottomans symbol, which was also a crescent. I hope, you can live with this solution :)
Thank's for the praise!
Yes, I received some additional support in form of three new team members, which will hopefully speed up things.

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Are janawa related to the Nizari by any chance?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Neadal Author

You mean because of their long white cloaks?
No, absolutely not. The janawa were drawn from Guinea :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hafsids are definitely a faction I plan on playing when 5.0 comes out.

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