Rise and Fall : Victorian Era 1860 is a Project which takes place in late Victorian Era at the Europe , Middle East and North Africa. Check the Description for more information Please .

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So many bugs and messed up things... really unplayable at the moment. Lags more than L'Aigle and Rome at War mod combined! The textures are really old and ugly, the newer ones are strange/odd. Random medieval weapons (e.g.:"Two Handed Danish War Sword") are in the mod... in Vienna, I couldn't buy a single Austrian uniform/hat, not EVEN A EUROPEAN one, as everything was crowded with turbans and middle-eastern hats... so annoying, couldn't play more than 10 minutes. However with loads of hard work, it can turn into a really good mod.


needs a LOT more development, but if it doesn't die, it will be glorious someday

Should get optimized a bit more, but its still a beta so I wont count that in, its still pretty broken though, but not Badly broken so its still playable

More dysfunctional than my marrige.

i give it a six because it is still unplayable and it seems that the amount of work needed is kinda big. in order for this to be balanced and smooth. There is a fear of mine that it will be one of these mods that puts unorganized quantity over quality and meaningful gameplay changes. Still that's only a fear/hypothesis cuz i ve seen some of the guys that help the development of this mod to also work on several other projects as well and that may hint to a lack of in depth focus on one specific mod. Now having said that, i also have to say that the team responds in EVERY question made and FAST. The updates , though sometimes small and not so much bug fixing as i'd like , seem to be flowing rapidly ,so that's a plus. Great potential and the team seems to be enjoying the whole process. It's gonna take a lot of work so i hope this is not just another early bloomer. I would give a stable version of this a 10 "hands down".Good luck , let's see what the future holds ! And ofc thank you for the time you spend on this. This mod seems to be the most active project in over a month now and honestly a possible saviour for the dying MB Warband mod community.


Awesome, love it


Has potential!

I downloaded this mode for its custom battle and multiplayer single player, I suspect that the campaign mode must be excellent but in terms of multiplayer solo and custom battle I was completely disappointed.
I think that when you make a mode you make it to the end with all the functionality of the game available so for me a mode that can not be played in part custom and multiplayer solo or online it's not a real mod.
if I explain myself a little better: when I go on personalized game and I choose a leader, the game crashes, and when I go multiplayer I can not choose units because it is not available on the fashion and fighters do not have legs where legs invisible.
but I think the developer still has time to rectify all these problems on his free time. I put 4/10, 4 for the campaign mode.

Awesome must play!

Needs a lot of development, and polish. But has the potential to be a great mod.

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needs a LOT more development, but if it doesn't die, it will be glorious someday

Apr 7 2018 by pawelord