4th Era year 201

Two hundred years have passed since the events of Oblivion.

After years of brewing resentment for what he and his followers considered the Empire's betrayal of Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm, challenged High King Torygg, his suzerain and ruler of Skyrim province, to a duel in the Old Nord Way.

Torygg's loss thus death got denounced by the Tamriel Empire as an attempt to usurp the throne, and Ulfric fled back to Windhelm, preparing there for war.

While the Imperial Legion successfully ambushed Ulfric and drove him on the chopping block, the unbelievable interrupted the execution :

foretold by the Elder Scrolls, the return of the dragons added chaos to Skyrim civil war.

Two evently matched faction, The legit "Empire of Tamriel" (and it's puppet high king) and the rebel "Stromcloak" fight for dominance over the Nord province of Skyrim.

Smaller factions like "The Thalmor" are just wishing for the conflict to perpetuate, lowering everyones' strengh, while reachmen after a crushing defeat 25 years ago seek for revenche and their own independance.

In this chaos, outlaws are everywhere on roads and keeps making their life out of foolish merchant which try to benefit from the war.

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In Yellow, The Thalmor have a small force consisting of elite well geared soldiers, many of them wielding magic.


In Green, the Forsworn are a strong force displaying unique gear yet lacking magic users. Their strength is mostly local, like their objectives.


In Red, Imperials are a large force of various quality, beginning rather poorly geared. On the other side, they may benefit from special training to raise their troop quality above others.


In Cyan, Stormcloaks are a large force of various quality displaying many kind of troops. Their lack of magic user may be corrected with the help of the Winterhold college.

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Full Version

New Gameplay, multiplayer-friendly, full playability and victory objectives for all 4 playable factions. The V2.0 is a new aventure on its own.

TES : Stormcloak Rebellion

TES : Stormcloak Rebellion

Full Version

TES : Stormcloak rebellion for ToTPP 15.1 or higher, version 1.0 ; pictures the civil war seen in TES V : Skyrim from a faction point of view.

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Good to see you and your brilliant project here mate. :)

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