An entry for Amnesia Anniversary project. Done within 24 hour time limit...

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DeadPuffy says

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This mod is short but unique and I loved the map design.

Heil Satan


HeRo-Snacky says

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First of all, it's nice and refreshing to get to play new stories, just like this. And this was one of the most unique stories amongst all the others I have played. It's actually hard to explain, why I think like that, this CS is an experience everyone has to experience by themselves. Solid 8!


HumiliatoR says

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Amazing work, because 24 hour limit only given. Loved atmosphere, whole new setting and visuals are amazing, every enemy I faced I loved different style of them. Scares are good, chases are sometimes kind of annoying, but beatable, still pretty tough to beat on one try.


- Atmosphere
- Music
- Level design
- Visuals
- Enemies


- Bugs but understable, because of the time limited mod example. First time button vanished when pressing it, after replacing patch it worked.

- Chases are annoying in the end, because one hit kills

Great little mod, with really creative level design, with exciting twists and choices how you can finish the game, thanks for making this, I really enjoyed it!

8/10 - Devilish and must try RIDE


KrustiClawn says

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- Huge amount of creativity
- Did not even feel like Amnesia
- Custom models, music, sounds


- Story, while not cliché for once, was underdeveloped
- Bugs

Story: 7/10

Story is not a super cliché "escape from castle blablabla amnesia". Not much was ever explained however. But, it's good for a 24 hour mod. If this was made without a time limit, I would probably give it a bit lower in score, but for a time limit it's interesting.

Level design: 10/10

For a 24 hour mod, I can't expect it to get better than this. You designed the levels in such a way, that it felt like I was playing a different game.

Creativity: 10/10

So many custom things, so many unique ideas. Even the monsters look sick twisted and kinda creepy.

Music & sounds: 10/10

Perfect choice for a great mod.

Voice acting: 8/10

Very good. Not professional quality but it's pretty good, if a bit cliché.

Bugs/Flaws: 8/10

When dying in the final map, why do I respawn at the start of the map and not during the event? I can also turn around and get out of the map ^^. This is not that serious of a bug. Not like the missing entity you forgot earlier ;). And for a mod made in 24 hours, it is to be expected. At least the gameplay wasn't ruined by it.


For a 24 hour mod, it's really good. I wish this was a full lenght mod instead, because the way you designed it, I can't think of many authors who have done anything similiar.

9/10 - Amazing


Spelos says

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For a 24 hours custom story, I would say it's quite an achievement.

It was fun and had unique visuals. I kinda had this halloween-like or haunted house feeling which I immediately fell in love with.

In terms of bugs, there are some areas where you get out of the map if you turn around and go back where you came from, but that is to be expected within 24 hours.

I finished both endings and the secret one. I must say, the ending sequence took me a couple of tries, since most of the monsters were one hit kill for me.

Good job, happy anniversary, and thank you for participating!


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