Take the role of Edward Ross and try to escape from the Anorland Castle while uncovering secrets of ancient pasts.

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KiraImmortal says

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Congrats on releasing your first mod as a full conversion, rarely you even see one of those even from experienced modders for reasons unknown to me, as it gives much more editing freedom. However, that freedom was not used nearly to its full potential in this case..

First of all: the levels have generally great atmosphere. Clever use of bilboards, lights and fog areas, you never made anything too bright, staying true to its horror concept. Although quality seriously decreased towards the end (i can understand due to the length of the mod), accompanied by the new music it felt nice to explore and hide in. Some of them were tense and creepy too, the first chase scene was exceptional!

Sadly i cannot say the same for the puzzle system. Towards the end there was some variety to balance out the design quality decrease, but man i haven't seen this many key quests in one mod since like 2012. The stamina system was a good addition, i can't believe after implementing a system like that you didn't notice that even hammers/chemicals basically served as keys to unlock doors..

The story was vague and felt totally disconneted from what was happening. The levels had similar structure, find a few things (sometimes unnecessarily hidden), run/hide from the monster, repeat. Some of those monster encounters were actually well executed, but monsters got overused near the end where they became more of an annoyance than a threat, and made me rush and die a few times. The water level in the flooded map was too high for christ's sake, if it wasn't for the bugged AI, i would have died for sure! Death, as a mechanic removes half of the atmosphere too, as the music never resumes after that.

Resource management was a mixed bag, tinderboxes and health potions barely had any uses, every time that i actually died i was oneshot so i carried them all till the end. I barely had any oil and sanity potions at some points in the second half of the mod.

All in all, this was a nice first attempt, you spent a lot of time detailing, giving it a unique feel, but with the lack of given directions and small variety in gameplay (even key items barely gave any clue where to use them) and all those mentioned above, best i can give is 7.5 for the effort. Some of the later levels could have been cut easily as they didn't add anything to the mod, they just made it unnecessarily long and even somewhat repetitive. Good job though, and i wish you luck for any future projects, this was a decent start!



I finally got a good end and kill grunt and brute With the sword You are great, the story is easy puzzles, you deserve support,please make anorland act 3 same this mod in easy puzzles, 5/10 because i'm kidding with you sorry XD

Best mod from this creator when compared to the overrated Anorlands. Good and scary atmosphere, partially great design. Most of the puzzles were pretty vague and extremely confusing (the rusty key in one of the shelves in laboratory took me years to find), and the oil amount was too little. So much potential which was wasted in two poor mods.

Finally finished this mod! I think it's time to write a review.

-Very scary at times
-Great level design

-Way too little oil considering the darkness of the mod
-A huge overuse of monsters
-Puzzles were either too basic or too vague
-Weaker storyline

Storyline: ⁓
Like Kirammortal said in his review, the story felt totally disconnected from the happenings. There wasn't too much to read either and it felt a little bit strange to me. 5/10

Puzzles: ⁓
Mixed bag. Some of them were pretty clever, but unfortunately the amount of key quests / vague puzzles / other basic puzzles was way too high for me and it really was a small turnoff. 6/10

Level design: ✔
Very good! Areas were detailed greatly, nice use of particle systems and great lighting. 9/10

Scare factor: ✔
This is easily one of the scariest mods I have played in 2019 so far. Only if the usage of monsters would have been more limited. 8/10

Overall: 7/10 - Good

Lester your custom story scared the absolute living **** out of me. It is constant terror and I love it!

Outstanding job!


Gute Geschichte und vor allem abwechslungsreich, nicht eine Standard Story sehr gute Hintergrund Music.Im großen und ganzen gut spielbar ..nicht zu viele Monster, gute Puzzles und nicht zu einfach..

Finish this mod today!

- Repetitive puzzling at times
- Low amount of oils
- Too much tinderboxes
- The story later is confusing
- Design
- Atmosphere
- Some uses of assets
- Music and Sounds

For doing a first mod is still enjoylable, but the mod in sometimes bored me with a such of things to do and so much of doors close, hopefully in your next mod will be greater than this one, CHEERS!


probor says

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many corridors


HumiliatoR says

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That was one hell of a mod! :)

When I started playing this, it was really creepy and terrifying, when playing night with your headphones. First maps are good with sounding and well executed monster encounters, storywriting is also pretty well presented with different font which is also great!

The sounds and atmosphere are really unsettling and terrifying as hell, I have not been scared long time in a mod like this mod did to me, really good job there! Map desing is really decent also and puzzles are sometimes just key quests all over again, but there are in the end some good puzzling with levers and rods.


- Design
- Atmosphere
- Monster encounters
- Puzzles


- Repetitive puzzling at times
- Low amount of oils
- Too much tinderboxes
- Confusing and lacking information at times where to go next

Overall so great all around, but I think something is missing still, maybe unique enemies or something never-seened stuff, but don't get me wrong, even with default texture assets, this mod is presented good and put a lot work on it! :)

7/10 - Decent mod with scary atmosphere

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