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16.10.2021 -- The first public beta release.
Added quick punch and new abilities in berserk mode, all weapons from the "Smoosh Doom", rifle and chaingun were edited, added "Soul Cube" (dropping from Archvile), added new variations of enemies deaths and blood colors.

Download link:

Brutalized Classic beta 1

Beta release announcement

Beta release announcement


After a week will be released the beta-version of "Brutalized Classic". This version will be contained only the basic gameplay features, weapons and addons...

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Weapon Model

This addom returns the pistol in start game. Have fun!

Brutalized Classic beta 1

Brutalized Classic beta 1

Demo 4 comments

This is the first beta-release of this mod. This is not final version, but it is fully playable. Have fun!

earlalden24 - - 4 comments

Nice mod mate! Looking forward to future developments!

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Smork - - 7 comments

In my opinion it would be a lot cooler if you removed the smooth doom weapons, Still a pretty great mod!

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trax2brax - - 4 comments

Very impressed from what I've seen so far. I really like how you included weapon-specific death sprites for the demons. A few suggestions (if you haven't already thought of them.)

~Include brightmaps (Beautiful Doom's are very good)
~Add smoke effects to the plasma-rifle death sprites (Cosmetic Doom's are great)
~An indicator for the Soul-Cube being ready to use (near the mug-shot would be a good place).

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Xtor9811 - - 38 comments

The mod is very perspective, I haven't checked the availability of brightmaps yet, so I want to ask a question - are you planning to add their for props (like barrel, lights), monsters, player and weapons (for last I mean fire states and red lights for BFG)?

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TheFightingViper - - 240 comments

I approve of this

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