Deathshead is back to unleash the power of an ancient artifact through the uprising of his new mechanic troops — will B.J. Blazkowicz survive?

Office of Secret Actions
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General Discussion
Walkthrough Walkthrough

Track (ronboy 1 year ago)



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Storyline Storyline

Discussion (Rocket_Warrior85 1 year ago)

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Characters Characters

Deathshead (ronboy 1 year ago)

Jack Stone

B.J. Blazkowicz

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Enemies Enemies

Super Soldier (Rocket_Warrior85 1 year ago)



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Weapons Weapons

Tesla (ronboy 1 year ago)

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Secrets Secrets

Secret Areas & Treasures (Rocket_Warrior85 1 year ago)

Easter Eggs

[Early Access] Secret Areas ...

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Technical Support
Report Report

Patch 1.1 Bugs (ronboy 1 year ago)

Some Bugs

[Early Access] Missing Letter...

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Log Log

English (US) 1.1 (TITEUF-85 1 year ago)

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Suggestions Suggestions

Super Soldier "Fight" - Final... (ronboy 1 year ago)

Weapons Refilling with Ammo (Bug)

Stopping cutscenes.

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