We are an upcoming DLC-sized mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, making the islands of The Systres and Pankor in the Abecean Sea into explorable locations. Packed with unique culture, a mixing of Yokudan, Imperial, and Thrassian beliefs, in-depth NPCs, and quests exploring the factions and culture of the cursed Archipelago of the Abecean. Navigate a failed recreation of Thras, the fortune-tellers and preachers of the Imperial Cults, and the great citadels of the Yokudans in your efforts to bring peace to these islands. We can be contacted at SystresAndPankorMod at Gmail.com

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We are currently looking for several roles, 2D artists, 3D modellers, implementors and level designers familiar with Skyrim's Creation Kit, and writers. If you feel you could work in any of these roles and are passionate for modding, Skyrim, or are just in search for a strong and friendly community in which to practice these skills.

Systres and Pankor is a Skyrim mod focusing on a series of isles in the Abecean Sea, once a sanctuary for Yokudans fleeing their continent, it was briefly a failed Thras, a failure still felt throughout the Abecean Sea to this day, it's ramifications immense, explore the conflicting cultures of the isles, from the self-worshipping and surreal Reflected Men, to the Hierophants and cults of the Imperials, to the entrenched tradition and law of the deeply defensive Yoku colonies.

The Sload are waiting in the sea, the Dominion is pointing its' ships at the Imposter Legion of Pankor, and the forces on the mainland are eager to remove this variable from an impending second Great War. Will you save the innocents of these isles, or are the magicks of this rotting archipelago too dangerous to remain?

We hope to hear from you, and can be contacted at Systresandpankormod@gmail.com

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Are you looking for implementaters or quest designers ?

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Wow this is really late. You probably won't see this, but we are.

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