SWAT: Elite Force is a massive overhaul of SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, making it into a more realistic tactical police simulator.

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v2 has just launched, and I need your feedback for the next patch!

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v2 is finally being released. On September 14th at 12 PM Eastern US time, the new version will become available. Here is a complete list of what you can expect in the new patch:

  • New Feature: Speech Recognition. Enable it in Audio Options
  • New Feature: Disable initial dispatch. Enable it in Audio Options
  • You can now pick up guns through restrained suspects, and all hostages (except live, unrestrained ones)
  • AI-controlled officers will now automatically report suspects/hostages that they restrain
  • Support for many more resolutions (4 -> 22)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Heavy Armor to have texture issues due to StaticLoadout.ini missing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI-controlled officers to not deploy pepperball gun if it was their secondary weapon
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI-controlled officers to not deploy grenade launcher if it was their secondary weapon
  • Fixed a bug where grenades in the DEPLOY >> submenu would not be greyed out if officers didn't have them (vanilla bug?)
  • Fixed a bug where DROP LIGHTSTICK would not be greyed out if there was no officer with a lightstick
  • MIRROR UNDER DOOR and CHECK FOR TRAPS now obeys the stack-up positioning and stacks up the squad on the door.
  • Fixed: Children of Taronne has traps bolted onto incorrect bones
  • Fixed: Children of Taronne has a trap on the wrong side
  • Fixed: Missing drug rosters on Stetchkov Drug Lab
  • 'Show Subtitles' moved to Audio Options


That means that v3 will become my next focus with this mod. Some of the ideas I am thinking would be good for the next version:

  • There are effectively twice as many BREACH commands - they are divided into commands C2 AND ... and SHOTGUN AND... - with these commands you can pick which equipment is used to breach the door, as opposed to being random.
  • REPORT TO TOC as a new command that can be issued while looking through officer body cameras.
  • Suspects can free their fellow combatants, and possibly give them their side weapon to fight with.

There are also minor cosmetic features that I have planned which I'm not sure how to prioritize, and I would like other people's feedback on them.

  • Change skin on AI-controlled officers. This is rather self-explanatory - like MP, you can pick the skin of your fellow officers in a new "SKIN" tab.
  • Customizable lightstick color. As a proof of concept, I am thinking of four colors: Green (original), Red, Blue and Gold. All officers would get the lightstick color choosable, so you can now decide to have either uniform colors, or perhaps have different colored lightsticks for your teams to denote which rooms have been cleared by which teams.
  • Infinite shell casings. This was a feature request on this Moddb page. The idea is that bullet casings wouldn't disappear, and remain until the mission is complete.
  • Change main menu. This is ultra minor, but I've wanted to change the main menu for a long time to represent that yes, you are playing a different mod. I'd also be removing "New Features" (the astute player might notice that I've had this in mind for a while now ;) )

To pick which one you're most interested in, check out this Strawpoll: Strawpoll.me


I like your ideas very much i hardly can choose a favorite :D Im really looking forward to V3. I would have a question though. It would be so amazing if you could add more officers, and a mission maker (planning room) like in rainbow six ravenshield. Could you do that or it remains a dream for me?

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