SWAT: Elite Force is a massive overhaul of SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, making it into a more realistic tactical police simulator.

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V3 will be available soon. Learn when it will be available and what to expect in the next version of SWAT: Elite Force.

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Operators, it's been a while since the last patch has dropped. My interest in the project hasn't faded, and I'm taking a lot of feedback to heart, especially having played some of SWAT 3. From the results of the last poll, it seems as though opinion was a bit divided on what to include in the game. Instead of having wild features for this patch, I'm instead going to push to have a stable, working version of the game for now. Why, you might ask?

SWAT: Elite Force is going multiplayer.

The biggest feature request that I've had is to make the mod multiplayer-capable. And so it shall be. This is a WIP feature, and I'm not sure whether all of the mod features work, but it's a good start. Ultimately this mod is designed around being a superior police training tool, and unfortunately the AI limits how effective this tool can be. Having multiple officers train at the same time using SWAT: Elite Force is a huge boon.

That being said, I'm certainly not abandoning the singleplayer aspect at all. In fact, I want to work on the Extra Missions and weapon realism next. Those aspects will also carry over into Multiplayer.

The next version will be made available tomorrow (September 26th) at noon Eastern Time. Here's what you can expect in the new version:

Major Features

  • Multiplayer fixed. You can now play in CO-OP again.
  • MOVE menu disabled, all MOVE commands moved to OPEN submenu (there seems to be some hardcoded trickery going on...)
  • Fixed bad shotgun aiming mechanics. Instead of shotguns firing in a spread determined by crosshair, shotguns fire in a fixed spread that chooses a point determined by crosshair.
  • Main Menu changed: new logo, and New Features replaced with Training

Full Changes

  • Multiplayer GCI: Positive responses moved to a submenu: POSITIVE >> and negative responses moved to NEGATIVE >> submenu
  • Multiplayer GCI: BREACH commands removed, OPEN commands can be used on locked doors
  • Fixed accidental bug introduced in previous version with MP loadout menu
  • MIRROR UNDER DOOR renamed to MIRROR/SCAN DOOR (for multiplayer reasons)
  • OUT OF THE WAY changed to be the default for General
  • Multiplayer Pregame/Postgame: "Ready" button will no longer grey out when ready; instead it will change to "Unready" and clicking it will make you not ready.
  • Multiplayer Pregame: Removed Gamespy button
  • Multiplayer Pregame: The "Server Setup" button is only visible if you are the host of the game
  • Multiplayer Host: Removed the "Powered by Gamespy" image
  • Multiplayer Server Select: Removed the "Profile" button
  • Multiplayer Server Select: Removed the "Powered by Gamespy" image
  • Removed New Features, replaced with Training.
  • Missions will inform you to try playing Training before indulging in the campaign.
  • Instant Action will play Training if the campaign hasn't started.
  • Modified main menu logo
  • Added missing texture: gui_tex2.audio_Processing (related to speech recognition)

Hello. I just downloaded V3 and about 10 minutes into the game, training, or mission i will begin to get an error causing the game to freeze. It says a few things such as "unexpected command move". If i spam any key it will unfreeze for about .1 sec then freeze again. Seems like a good mod however. Keep up the good work and let me know if this is fixable!

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eezstreet Author

Hi, I think something might have went wrong with your download! Try installing the v2 -> v3 upgrader. Not sure what happened, I think some files got mixed around again. The file got corrected.

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