Swan Fox 2 is a classic doom mod made for Skulltag, this page is a official re-upload with some fixes for people who wants to replay it on GZDOOM or Zandronum Story of the prequel: You are Tony David Jackson, after being dumped by the army, they send you to the U.A.C, you are about to relax in the barracks until you heard horror screams and fire fights with. Your goal, survive and escape!

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1-Get Skulltag Emulation : Forum.zdoom.org
2-Make sure you have the last build of GZDOOM (from drd team's website)
3-Select Swan_Fox_V2_5.wad and skulltagemulationv2.pk3
4-Drag and drop skulltagemulationv2.pk3 first


1-Get Skulltag content : Zandronum.com
2-Select Swan_Fox_V2_5.wad and skulltag_content2.1a.pk3
3-Drag and drop skulltag_content2.1a.pk3 first

Devlog before releasing the classic:

-CO-OP : After the ending, you can't move, now it's fixed!

-CO-OP : Swan Fox 2 isn't designed for co-op but since some folks have played, I've decided to put 8 players co-op spawns!

-The "So much lavas" is difficulty in the jump sections, I've decided to lower it! (Lava kills you, don't fall on it!)

-Midi on the "Hell Castle" doesn't work well, I've replaced by the original

-Final cutscene music changed

-Hevn Demonic (AVP pistol + Art cover about Tony + bonus maps)

-Konami (Castlevania - Dracula X music)

-Taggart Moss - The Final Mission (remix of Metroid Fusion ost)

Epic thanks to:

-TerminusEst13 : Youtube.com

-Haruko Hahuraka : Youtube.com

-Doomed Space Marine : Youtube.com

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Swan Fox 2 : The U.A.C Chronicles

Swan Fox 2 : The U.A.C Chronicles

Full Version

Official reupload of a classic mod designed for skulltag

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