Announcing a brand new map (still WIP) for Duke Nukem 3D (requiring EDuke32) with a hi-tech theme. The map will mostly focus on solving puzzles, clever minigames, unlinear gameplay progression and lots of secrets to explore, thus requiring the player to think logically rather than just rely on their reflexes and combat skills. The map will not use any new assets (graphics, sounds or modified CON files) besides new music, as one of my goals is to push the original game and Build engine up to the limits of feasible effects. Weekly updates with new screenshots will follow!

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Short preview of the map with current progress update and a few new screenshots.

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Managed to wrap-up a new and quite large area last week, spiced up with some alien infestation. As a civil engineer, it was quite fun for me to put some of that knowledge into making "realistic" steel structures in the game. Also added some stuff to other areas - reached a point where I have to be super careful with walls, considering the planned areas I have yet to build.

Status of the map as of 2021-02-02 (resources used): 1 949/4 096 sectors, 14 572/16 384 walls, 11 247/16 384 sprites. It's quite interesting for me to keep track of how many resources I used each week, something I've never considered before!

Selection of screenshots for this week:

Mineral water tank that Duke can operate

Here's a different perspective of main transport hub - also showing a mineral water tank you will be able to operate and drink from (what, you thought Duke only drinks Jack Daniels and toilet water, didn't you?).

Some details of a ceiling under construction

The facility in the map being partially still under construction makes for some good opportunity to showcase some of engineering details - here's a structure inside one of the unfinished ceiling slabs.

Generator room

Someone had a brilliant idea for the high-pressure water pipe to cross the main power plant inside the facility - what could have gone wrong with that?

That's all for today - as always, any feedback and comments are welcome!

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