Featuring a new playable race for the game with many new units and functions. This race is based on the 40k Background and features the imperial guard troops of Armageddon called Steel Legion. The idea behind the mod is to bring in a new strategie game play where units are more specialist and more units can enter the battlefield. You can play the race on your own or face it as enemy in multiplayer games. It's quite balanced to existing races. Current Release Version is 1.5. There is an update to Version 2.0 planned featuring a second new race.

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One of the Best mod of the year


geolex says

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One of the best

cool mod =D that mod and the IDH mod was the first mods for the classic dow for example in older IDH mods,there were steel legion platoons witch hunters seraphim squads,ordo xenos deathwatch kill teams, and more units =D XD


Coolest mod, one of the first standalone race added to DOW1, with own gameplay, sound and FX-es, full range of custom units!

In the name of Armageddon, by jove, when I first saw this mod, it certainly gave me quite a thrill indeed. Being that they seem more durable than the standard Imperial Guard faction, they of course have their similarities. Then again, this mod certainly stands out as one of the best standalone race mods. I also used to enjoy combining this mod with the Ultimate Apocalypse mod sometimes, despite them being unbalanced. 10/10 all the way mates! Cheers. ^_^


awesome job


Vraiment super mode!

I speak french
I like a mode!

Only minor issues with this one. Authentical rework of the original Steel Legion, easy to combine with other mods. Really nice :)


great mod

Love it.

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One of the Best mod of the year

Dec 30 2011 by Cucaracha