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As you may already know, the Homeworld: Remastered Collection coming February 25 won't support mods on day one*. We have to announce various things...

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As you may already know, the Homeworld: Remastered Collection coming February 25 won't support mods on day one*. We have to announce various things about this Remastered Collection, how we will port our content. As well, we have an important question for our community. We really need your feedback on that point.

Both mods we have will be ported. All of them.

Stargate Space Conflict, Mass Effect Reborn and Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander are all going to be ported at the same time. We recently had some important reunions in our association, focused on the Remastered Collection, and we both came to the conclusion that we should work on all of our mods, so that we will be able to publish updates continually.

While you may consider that this is a bit insane, and that we should rather focus our work on one mod, we have more than 50 members in our association, and we believe we can start working with three internal development teams, knowing that each of them will be attached to one modification.

Gearbox will not release Mod Tools on Day one.

As Gearbox revealed on their forums, they will not release their mod tools for a moment, as they are not finished. We don't have any other information about these tools, but we hope Gearbox will release them really soon. We can't wait to get our hands on this Remastered Collection. Some people on Facebook (We Want Homeworld 3 group) said that old tools should work or at least modders will release mod tools in a week or so... First of all this makes no sense, and we don't endorse such words. This doesn't represent in anyway the opinions of our developers nor our partners.

As we previously said, we won't work on Mod Tools. This requires a lot of skills and knowledge about this Remastered Collection, and while we have some experiences with OpenGL and Homeworld2, this brand new version of Homeworld is no longer based on the same engine build as the current one (Homeworld2 is based on OpenGL 2002 Build whereas HW:RC is based on OpenGL 4.4).
The Mod Tools on Homeworld2 were not created in one week as they are the result of years of hard working. This is the reason why Gearbox are the only ones able to do it. In other words, we'll need to wait until Gearbox releases Mod Tools for the community. We hope they won't do it in a year or so.

Our mods, in High Definition

You may have noticed that since 2014 we started working on High Definition models and textures. Most of you know that we did that for the upcoming Remastered version. We wanted to be prepared and hopefully we are. Of course, our work is not finished, some ships need HD models and textures, but at least we already managed to improve some of them. We won't release unfinished versions, that means we won't release a mod on the Remastered Collection if the content is not 100% HD.

No worries, we are working hard to release our stuff, and we seriously think we will be able to release new versions this year. We have talented developers in our team and your support is really important for us. Last month, our community manager, Anthony Vérel (Kalagan on ModDB) told me "To work alone enables you to get the things done faster, while working together enables you to go farther".

We have one question

The Remastered version is almost here and we said we will port our content on the later. But the question is, should we just "move" our page from "Homeworld2 mod" to "Homeworld: Remastered mod" or should we create another page, dedicated to the Remastered version, so that people won't be confused with a new page representing exclusively the Remastered content ?

Thank you,
Phoenix Interactive.

*Day one: Means the day when Homeworld Remastered comes out.

Erayser Author

Personally guys, I think creating a new page for each mod is the way to go.

First of all, we have so much content on this page that sometimes people are confused between what we did in our Pre-Alpha and Alpha releases and the work done for the current one. The amount of images is sometimes problematic and merging the Remastered version and the classic one with this page will be an enormous errors, as people will constantly ask if the Beta version is working on the Remastered collection.

On the other hand, setting up a new profile will enable us to focus our updates on the Remastered Collection, take our time to think about better graphic standards to present our content and so on...

In all cases, I think we need to create a new page. Hopefully, you guys will be automatically added to the Tracker's list.

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TKAzA Staff

New profiles make sense however would cause confusion and you will sort of split the community.

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Erayser has spoken. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

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I agree with you Erayser.

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A new page for remasterd sounds like the way to go.
Less confusion and so on!

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Erayser Author

I wonder which name should we use. I don't think adding "Remastered" to the mods' names is good. Maybe we should just consider changing the name of our mods on Homeworld2 like "Classic version".

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Adding 2.0?

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Kalagan Creator

I agree, creating a new page for each mod is the best idea. But this is just my opinion =)

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I agree with creating a new page though I also strongly believe in keeping the old one, as you know you should ber able to play the priginal HW1 and HW2 games from steam too and thus you could link to these pages for your HW2 mods on the remastered page.

But I sincerely believe you might need to wait with the porting untill you've got the tools confirmed because the real start on the mod for remastered wont be until you actually start converting assets and start working there.

Good luck.

However I think you seem to have enough time to do at least one release for each one of your 3 mods if not more before you get the tools.
I believe that they will anounce a tool release date and not just surprise everyone with tools suddenly ready, my point suggests that you keep developing for HW2 for a while.

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I think both Homeworld 1 & 2 and Homeworld 1 & 2: Remastered should be split into different pages. Like a classic no longer support version and a newer a la what was done with the Company of Heroes game.

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Maybe something as simple as adding a plus sign is enough.

Stargate Space conflict +

I've never played Homeworld but had planned on getting it for this mod, When I saw the Steam announcement I ordered them straight away. So now I can play the vanilla games for the first time while I wait for the mod tools and you guy's. Sounds like a Win to me :)

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