An excellent single player campaign by Shardriss on par with original missions. New story about a Zabrak mercenary on a mission for the New Republic, with voice acted cutscenes, new environment, puzzles and much more. Should take over an hour to beat. Read below for original readme

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Original readme


Star Wars : Deception
Episode 1
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Author : Shadriss

Tools Used : GTK Radient 1.4
Photoshop CS2

Time to Develop/Release : Too long for me to admit to it. (OK, Three years...)

Installation : Unpack the Deception folder and the BAT file to your Gamedata folder. Use the BAT file to load the mod. DO NOT load the mod from the in-game menu, as this will not allow the custom mission briefings, cutscenes, or mission objectives to properly display. I'd even go so far as to suggest putting a shortcut to the BAT file on your desktop - it's been gracing mine for a LONG time now...

Credits : Too numerous to mention. All the major ones are listed in the credits at the end of the mod.

Though mentioned (briefly) at the end of the mod...

This modification for Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy is neither supported by nor endorsed by LucasArts, RavenSoft, of any other company associated with the base game. THe storyline and all other original elements are the property of Shadriss, and may not be modified or altered without specific written permisson. All other works are the properties of thier creators (and are noted in the credits). All trademarks are the property of their companies. The cheese stands alone.

Enjoy, guys - this one took a LOT longer than I'd ever thought.

And keep an eye out for Episode 2, Star Wars : Inquisition, sometime during your lifetime. Hoepfully in less time than it took to do this one. We can only hope. Now play the frikkin mod already. You can't tell me you actually read this far. Wow. You have no life. :)


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Full Version 3 comments

Final version of Star Wars: Deception uploaded by Shadriss over a decade ago.


For playing this downloaded:
Darth Revan skin pack, Tulak Hord skin, MAAR saber pack, AC weapon pack, force dash.

I add autoexec.cfg to base folder to add dismemberment
seta HelpUsObi "1"
seta g_saberMoreRealistic "1-3"
seta g_dismemberment "1-3"

I copy Knights of the force base folder into normal game base folder, so I get KOTF menu and can switch player models and other stuff in game.

Then I bind a cheats to keys:

bind P "playermodel tulak_hord;playermodel player;playerteam player;setforceall 3;g_knockback 3000"

-By doing this, you can use 700 force points from hulak_hord model by your chosen skin from standart JA or added skin(Revan). It also switch you back to good side, so enemies attack you. It also gives you full force ability and make things flying more. You must press binded key after start of each level, or you lose power.

For better fighting I use two or three weapon binds example:

Bind 2 "saber maarsaber;sabercolor 1 blue;setsaberstyle tavion,addsaberstyle strong"

Bind 3 "saber maarsaber hiddenblade;sabercolor 1 blue;setsaberstyle tavion,addsaberstyle strong"

Pressing 2 gives you lightsaber skin with blue color and you can use only tavionĀ“s blue style and classic strong style.

Pressing 3 is dual medium style. You have lightsaber and assassins creed hiddenblade. You can pierce by attack + alt attack thanks to hiddenblade configuration.

I normall switch between those binds, so my fighting is more diverse.

Althought I like this Mod and cannot create maps or ingame videos, I definitely can spread enemies far far better than I experienced in any mod so far. I cannot do checkpoint spawn, so I divided bigger maps into more saves. I created 3 floors jedi council annihilation map like this. I used so much skins, but it was fun to kill vast variety of man, women, aliens, children jedi, but without checkpoint spawn it cannot handle much and crash, so if you know how to do checkpoints on downloaded maps please tell me, I really love this games controls, all game with swords lack it. May the force be with you.

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amazing mod, do you know of any similar mods to this? as i'm pretty sure inquisition is never going to exist

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Very good!

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awesome mod i cant wait for the next part

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My game crashes immediately after the second level loads, what do? o-o

Otherwise, great mod! :D

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Executor-64- Creator

i just tested it on my system (win7 64 bit) and i am experiencing no crash on lvl 2. This is bound to be an isolated problem, try reinstalling the mod like we discussed, or restarting the game from scratch or a convenient save.

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After downloading from Jkhub and validating steam files it worked perfectly. If anyone else is having issues try that. Thanks again Executor :D

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not bad, not bad

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Executor-64- Creator

one of the better story mods from JA filefront, my personal fav.
The focus on shooting and down to earth puzzles work quite well i think, like they did in jedi outcast early missions

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heh ;)

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