This is a total conversion mod for Empire at War / Forces of Corruption. It takes place right after the Battle of Geonosis in "Attack of the Clones". Replacing the Empire, Rebels and Zann Consortium with the Galactic Republic and Seperatist Alliance along with The Hutt Cartel, Pirates and Neutral Worlds.

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Help Wanted! (view original)

The media you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occurred at the uploaders request, or it may have occurred because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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We are currently looking for some additional help for both this mod and the Sub Mod. Some experience is needed but you do not have to be some kind of expert. I am looking for team members who are available and willing to both contribute and learn.

Mappers - Should know how to work the map editor and have a good concept and desire tomake a map look realistic.

Artist - If you have some artist abilty making pictures with photoshop or similar programs I would love to use your abilities in making skins for models and textures for maps.

Testers - Be willing to spend long periods of time not just playing the mod but looking for bugs, incorrect text, spelling errors and making suggestions for enhancing game play.

Modelers - Have a modeling program and be able to make units with as few shapes and surfaces as possible while still making it look good. I don't need you to be able to do everything to get the model in game but atleast be able to make the model itself.

Please leave me and Delta289 a message if you are interested