Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War and Old Republic eras. The mod features force powers, a completely redesigned shooting system, explosives, 70+ maps and planets with different environments, randomised weather systems and much, much more!

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We're back on ModDB! We have been using the Steam Workshop and while we are happy with the results, we have decided to post on this page again.

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Welcome everyone to the Development Blog #20 for Bear Force II. In this blog we'll discuss the details of what it means now that we are back on ModDB, how updates will work and what new features have entered the mod since we have left ModDB!

New Features

  • Entirely new randomised weather system.
  • Randomised day/night cycle for maps.
  • Fully optimised (30-90 seconds load time).
  • 100+ new voice lines.
  • New game mode: Capture the Flag.
  • 2 new 3D model maps: Coruscant - Downtown and Sith Temple.
  • Much, much more!

Why are we back?

We are back because we were using OneDrive as an alternative to Steam for a while now and it seeing as that has almost exactly the same effect as it does to upload to ModDB we had decided it was too much of a shame to leave our original, loyal platform behind.

The last few months have worked quite well with the Steam Workshop and we shall continue to use it as our primary format for uploading. But now those versions shall also be available here!

Features under development

  • Replenishing shield feature: This will be an added health bar to your existing one, once depleted it will replenish to full after a short amount of time not taking any damage. This is still being worked on!

New Weather System

We have added a weather system randomising enviromental conditions on maps. Exlusions can be made as to prevent rain on planets like Tatooine.

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New voice lines

2 New 3D Model Maps

Coruscant - Downtown

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Sith Temple


Here is a summary changelog of all the changes and additions made since the first Steam update of 19th of April:

New features
- Added Weather systems
+ 24 different possible skyboxes for different hours of the day
+ Random chances of fog, rain or snow depending on the map type
+ Random wind strength and direction
+ Moving flora and trees depending on wind factors
+ Moving volumetric clouds depending on wind factors
- Completely reworked environment shaders, textures and visuals
- Binoculars
- Clone face will spawn when no helmet is chosen for clone troops
- New tooltip for mod controls in equipment menu
- Coloured Flare grenades
- Nautolan race added
- Chagrian race added

- New map: Tatooine - Bridges (Battle/TDM/DM/Duel)
- New map: Tatooine - Raid (Conquest)
- New Conquest map: Geonosis Battlefield - Conquest
- Implemented old version of Muunilinst - Bridge
- New map: Coruscant - Downtown
- New map: Sith Temple

Optimisation and performance
- Loading time decreased from 3-5 minutes to 20-40 seconds
- Removed all Native items, textures, materials
- Removed all unused mod assets
- Resized all textures to powers of two

Class balance fixes
- Head armour for all republic/separatist classes moved to body armour to allow more customisation
- Fixed Clone Commando having normal rifle instead of carbine
- Fixed Heavy Clones not having detonation packs
- Sith Sorcerer now has Force Counter
- Old Republic Jedi now has Force Teleport
- Mandalorian class now has head armour moved from helmet to body armour
- Added more dispersion factor for jets while jumping

General class changes
- Sniper = Low mobility, high damage, low health
- Jets = Extreme mobility, low health, flanking unit
- Heavy = Very low mobility, tank health, medium damage
- Commando = Fast movement, above average health, medium damage
- Trooper = Medium mobility, medium health, medium/high damage, all around class
- Officer = Medium mobility, medium health, medium damage, utility weapon options

Weapon changes
- Ranged: 100% > 50% damage
- Snipers: 100% > 75% damage
- Explosives: 100% > 60% damage

- SMG Projectile Speed Nerf: 100 -> 90 (Both)
- SMG Base Accuracy Nerf: 23 -> 30 (HipFire)
- SMG Base Accuracy Nerf: 15 -> 21 (Aimed)
- SMG Spread Factor Buff: 23 -> 16 (HipFire)
- SMG Spread Factor Buff: 12 -> 9 (Aimed)
- Light Rifle Base Accuracy Nerf: 12 -> 15 (Aimed)
- Rifle Projectile Speed Nerf: 140 -> 130 (Both)
- Rifle Base Accuracy Nerf: 10 -> 13 (Aimed)
- Added timer to rocket launcher grenade on ground impact
- Added visual beeping particle for grenade timer effect

*Note: ### -> ### means "from ### to ###".

Scene props
- New tribal hut props
- New tribal cage props
- New tribal gate prop
- New flora props
- New bridge props
- New modular tribal props
- New swamp house prop

- Added ambient sounds
- Rebalanced sounds for clearer warcries
- 100+ new voice lines

Bugs fixed
- You will no longer stay zoomed in on death
- Medpacks can no longer be abused to increase their amount
- Fixed Bounty Hunter white shoulderpads
- Fixed orange lightsaber damage
- Adjusted rigging for Jedi/Sith robes
- Adjusted rigging for Bounty Hunter armour
- Horses removed from admin panel
- Fixed stormtrooper desert camo bug
- Fixed Wookiee transparency issues
- Fixed magna staff seeing through the map
- Fixed melee mode only admin option
- Fixed dual pistol sound
- Fixed lightsabers losing visibility
- Fixed sheathed positions of TOR/Sith Empire guns
- Fixed reported stuckspots on Coruscant Downtown
- Fixed reported stuckspots on Rhen Var - Research Station
- Fixed reported stuckspots on Tatooine - Town
- Fixed Cycler rifle bullets not available for all sniper classes
- Fixed factions not voteable
- Fixed capture the flag spawn points being random. Now Team 1 (entry 0-31) will spawn close to entry 0 and Team 2 (32-63) will spawn close to entry 32. Flag entry points are 64/Team 1 and 65/Team 2
- Removed Dantooine - Battleground (empty)
- Removed Dantooine - Crystal Cave
- Galactic Marine Armour and Helmet separated for 1st person fix
- Fixed Heavy blaster added to Heavy classes on all factions
- Fixed detonation packs not available for Old Republic/Sith Empire factions
- Fixed polearm rgl warnings (hopefully fixes server issues for battle)
- Fixed some opcode warnings about unused local variables in sw_resolve_network_event and sw_resolve_network_string_event
- Powerpacks now have added specular so they won't glow in the dark
- Old Republic Era vibro swords now have added specular so they won't glow in the dark
- Pistol/Shield combination glitch fixed
- Fixed server crashing bug related to battle mode
- Fixed equipment selection calculations
- Fixed errors related to stationary guns



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