Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War and Old Republic eras. The mod features force powers, a completely redesigned shooting system, explosives, 70+ maps and planets with different environments, randomised weather systems and much, much more!

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Simply the best.

Best MP Star Wars Mod ever created.I hope you are going to update and bring new stuff in the game after the release.:)



Its really nice for a Beta, the lightsaber animations are a bit clunky/slow. The models are really nice. Good sound effects. I started playing yesterday and after seeing that it had around 200+ players 22:00 (GMT +1 for me) i believe that it got good potential :)

I can't wait to play it. Very impressive work! This mod is going to be absolutely stupendous.

andrzejus is a troll who have no life just ignore him


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Unique and very special!


~Rage says

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Hey there.

Stop wasting time reading this and download. It's free afterall.

Having played in the BFL (Bear Force League) quite a while ago (Rage, participating for the 1st THC) I am confident in saying this mod is definitely skillbased.

You'll find yourself a role no matter what you prefer. Despite most peoples' assumptions there's always a need for melee specialists as (competent) Jedi will get close to you, no matter how well you shoot.
You'll find yourself completely emerged.. blah blah blah in the world of Star Wars blah blah with your regiment blah blah roleplay blah blah
Honestly, if you came for that you're mostly wrong. Besides in the events which are actively held.

Pub play is like competitive CSGO on Global, talking about both difficulty (when Veterans, so-called "Pub Legends", who are able to take out an entire team by themselves, join the server) as well as playerbase. And no, I'm not talking about the entire playercount of CSGO. I'm talking about the playercount of that single match. 10 people.
And no, that's not a bad thing since most pub maps are optimized for small playercounts and playing with only 10 people is really fun.

The mod has changed alot over the years due to all team members excluding Exima actively work together with the community. Let's take gunplay as an example: Guns used to be inaccurate and so slow they'd be rated as "Area Denial" in modern gaming terms. Why area denial? Well, the area you're aiming at is gonna receive a couple of shots in half an hour and nothing in that area is safe since nobody can predict (without looking at the 0.5 inch per hour moving projectiles) where the shots are landing. Yeah. Guns were buffed in the official 0.4 release by giving them way more accuracy, firing speed and bullet travel speed. Guns were strong and the first "Ranged" Pub Legends formed.
Jedi were underpowered so devs added overheating to guns, making them inaccurate and only good players able to score kills on range.
Before this patch succeeding 0.4, you could literally aim at head-height and hold down left mousebutton. 2 power packs (couple hundred shots) later you'd be top of the scoreboard and invited to 32 clans who want you as a marksman. Yeah.

Right now (0.8 perspective here, not gonna update this review as I'm lazy af) the mod is all good and balanced. All it needs are players.
To solve this problem we don't need Mark or the version succeeded by an O. (previous dev was called Marko. Eh. Funny.)
We actually need YOU as a communtiy. You wanna play BF2 but there's only empty servers? Eh, just uninstall the mod, it's dead. Are you kidding me? If everyone does that, nobody is gonna play this mod. Ever.
Get 1 friend to join an empty server with you, you'll play for 5min and others are going to join you. Why do they join? Cuz they just checked and the server wasn't empty. Simple.

In conclusion: Scroll up and read the TL;DR.





good game
Community is **** but i mean its a star wars mod so i give it extra points for realism

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Simply the best.

Mar 24 2013 by Paskiboy