Star Wars BattleFront Commander, is a mod based around and dedicated to Free Radicals version of Swbf3, with adding small gameplay features from pandemic's swbf2

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Mike Pence
Mike Pence

UNSC Supply pad concept from Halo Wars.

Excellent. :-)

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This makes me feel like looking at footage from the battle for middle-earth games, which is a good thing because those are my favourite rts games of all time. You had the gondorian soldier walking on the baracks, the archers practicing on targets, the trolls being poked by a sharp piece of wood. All that stuff gave the base so much more charm, so what you are doing is one of the best details you could think of.

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Clonetrooper163 Author

I'd love to do stuff like that but some maps the base area is small or has trees and hills in the way or around said buildings so adding more onto them will be hard but i have something very cool planned for the rest of the buildings and the barracks here.

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Holy hell, yes. Arguably the biggest disappointment for Halo Wars is how toned down the bases were from that initial concept demo. I remember loving everything they looked like they would add only to stare in disbelief when the playable demo hit Xbox Live at what they'd done.

While I appreciate that due to engine limitations and various other issues you'll likely not be able to get anywhere near that kinda of detail I think it's great you're trying. More RTS games need buildings that're more than just big blocks of metal that do nothing when idle.

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Very nice, adds a lot of atmosphere to bases instead of them just sitting there. Gonna have something like a practice range next to the barracks or something?

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How in the world did you do this?

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Thanks fantastic! You could even go so far as to make a pad like the one shown an actual structure, maybe a resource pad that could be captured and comes complete with a death clone and everything. It would be considerably more work but would be incredibly rewarding.

Other base ideas I think would be great could be an additional structure on the side of the light factory with some scaffolding and engineers working on a half complete at-st.

Stormtroopers doing push-ups or just mulling about in the courtyard of the barracks. Maybe some in the middle of target practice behind or on the side of it.

The command center could feature a landed lambda shuttle with with two officers out front chatting, or stormtroopers loading and unloading supplies. Or a classy speeder just floating out front while to officers kill time.

The research facility could be very interesting and you could do any number of things including what i mentioned directly above. Or maybe droids lifting barrels of toxic chemicals and shifting them around for logisitics.

The vanilla buildings definitely left a lot more to be desired.

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So for awhile now i have been wanting to make the bases feel more alive and not just sitting there as building you click icons from, i wanted it to feel like hey the Empire really setup a base in battle and are delivering supplies...ect and trying to maintain it to the said buildings.

Now i got this idea sometime ago from the Demo of Halo Wars that was quickly changed to what it is today but in that demo it had people working on vehicles,training and jut walking around, now i don't know if i'll get that in-depth but for the time being this is the concept of that

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