MEGA MOD containing Narodnaya Soljanka plus the new Collector in the largest Zone ever. TecnoBacon has re-designed the core of the original AMK/DMX scripts and has put this mod in high gear. Fast, stable and populated with over 60,000 alife objects and growing. Join the mayhem. Fully updated to DMX135 with new content from dAVROs (Collector quests) and myself, also available in .DB format from the TecnoBacon repository.

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Would be a 10/10 if it would
1. Be stable
2. Be way easier to set up. It's a real bitch. Someone compile all the **** and upload it somewhere please

Highly unstable and unfinished, but this is one of those mods in which it doesn't really matter. You have to keep trying every new version because one simply cannot resist.

Probably the best stalker mod out there for SOC. I have already spent over 800+ hours in the SOC Zone and now it looks as if I may once again near that limit with this mod. Hear is hoping that the mod will keep on improving as it is already such a wonderful and live mod. It feels as if I only knew 50% of the Zone in the vanilla game and now the previously unexplored paths have opened yet again as was CS phrase. So all I can say to sum up this mod is "What awaits you in the zone that changed?" :) Brilliant mod 7/10!


sven_hassel says

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waste of time man crash all the time dont download **** this ****** mod

This game has to be fixed to deserve some points. You can't enjoy something without it working correctly. Always end up crashing with maximum graphics but minimum also does so, can't get past the military checkpoint at the start, once I do it crashes everytime.

Publish a patch so I can actually play it and I'd love to rate this a 10.

Huge compilation of mods. By far biggest mod ever for the series. Adds everything you can think of.
Very feature rich to point where cons come in - Its so buggy
Only if it wasn´t this buggy and translation was better.

Its great mix of everything and will keep you playing for hours

This is far the worst stalker mod I've ever played, and I played a lot. Everything is awful. I don't know what the game designer was thinking, but it is unplayable. And buggy as hell. Even with the guides it is nearly impossible to progress in the story. You can't even reach the new levels. Don't try it. It is a waste of time. I only gave 1 out of 10, because I can't give 0.
If you want a good stalker mod with new levels try Lost Alpha, or Call of Chernobyl.


PRO: I have to say that this mod ALMOST has it all. I've currently been running around in free play to check out the areas and how things are laid. Alot of new tweaks to existing areas and new ares have been added. Weapon damage is almost perfect. It's at about 90% of what I personally would've put the damage. But I can't complain because you shoot something, it dies. It's not one of those mods where you empty entire clips into a stalker and start scratching your head! Definitely great for a fresh run if you haven't played in a while. One of the FEW mods out there that comes packaged together very nicely. Easy unzip and install. Easy moving of the large install file if you want to save it to your storage drive. Very well done in this aspect.

CON: I was sadly disappointed that a mod with this file size did not come with a factions war... It's something that almost needs to be mandatory at this point. One example is that I've been wandering around in free play mode and it's seemingly... empty. I honestly don't care about killing mutants. It's something that needs to be in the game, but what always stands out to me are the gun battles. And I like having the full out war where each faction is for itself. This makes many situations possible rather than predictable encounters where stalkers are always expected. I was also dismayed at not having a gamedata folder with all of the config files to edit to my liking. They're sadly contained within the DB files like Lost Alpha.

Conclusion: So overall I think this mod is definitely doing alot of things right, but I have to deduct 3 points. The completely empty areas, lack of faction wars, and absence of user files to tweak sets it 2 steps back and only 1 step forward.


Excellent. A huge history, a lot of characters, many new quests, new guns, new arctifacts, new mutants......and very STABLE mod. Excellent !!!!

For those people giving negative reviews i would suggest them to play the mod once again in the latest version.Theres been a tons of improvement and fixes.The mod is super stable and its keep adding tons of content.

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Highly unstable and unfinished, but this is one of those mods in which it doesn't really matter. You have to keep trying every new version because one simply cannot resist.

Apr 19 2012 by boredgunner