"1984" - old school atmosphere spin-off to the original GSC's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. It covers time period lost in the 198Xs in the USSR. This story is based on real events. What happened in those distant days are not amenable to rational explanation, however, we will try to represent everything as it actually was. This story is strange and mysterious and really worth to be told. Story full of events, places and circumstances.....

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 1984 - full-scale modification presents:

    • Original concept design mixed with old stalker materials
    • High level of details
    • Old-school atmosphere graphics style
    • Enhanced Static Lighting Render(Forward Render)
    • New classic gameplay elements implementation
    • Totally new levels
    • New sounds, music and ambients
    • Full-time single player campaign
    • New characters and storyline

Send your feedback and suggestions to stalkermod.1984@gmail.com
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FAQ 06.11.2020

News 3 comments

Q: What is going on with 1984 mod in few words.
A: As you can see, we have greatly increased the details. We want to modify some old things, and also add the necessary if the scenario requires it. Although we are always experimenting and we want to improve everything to that state.

Q: Some screenshots resemble concept arts and something like that. What's with that?
A: Most of the objects were created by us from scratch, these are random, non-staged footage.

Q: Are you using levels from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series?
A: We rely only on our work in this regard, there will be no original-game or third-party locations.

Q: Why are you using static lighting?
A: We use static lighting render to get the atmosphere we want.

Q: Are you planning on adding more advanced x-ray engine technologies, like full dynamic lighting advantages, dx11 features and so on?
A: It's too early to talk about it.

Q: How many areas will your mod have?
A: Enough for a good game.

Q: How much time left to complete it?
A: We have all the time we need, it's modding and we didnt make deadlines.

Q: Will there be a release this year?
A: Probably. But the release may have to be postponed if we do not have time to do everything that is planned.

Q: What are the plans now?
A: A lot of work has been done, now it's time to take something like a vacation.

Q: Are you recruiting people?
A: If you are interested in the stalker modding, want to be involved into old school-type project, you can contact us. You can contribute. If you want to participate as a developer, write to us by e-mail.

This is how things are changing.

This is how things are changing.


As if in a dream. So far, all plans that were conceived are postponed indefinitely.

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I told you people this mod was never happening and it still isnt JFL

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You have to be patient with some mods here. Some mods are worked on with a small amount of people while others have more.

We should understand that this is free time making mods.

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Не знаю или вы понимаете русский, или же вы англоязычный разработчик, поэтому на всякий случай напишу на обеих языках)

Мод выглядит очень многообещающе. Атмосфера прёт отовсюду, даже казалось-бы обычные скриншоты выглядят просто невероятно! А трейлер? Трейлер хоть и ничего не рассказывает, но всё в нём хорошо: переходы, пейзажи, музыка...Вот про музыку хотел узнать уже давно, но решился лишь сейчас: этот саундтрек, который звучит в трейлере - ваш? Или вы его откуда-то извлекли?


I don't know, either you understand Russian, or you are an English-speaking developer, so just in case I will write in both languages)

The mod looks very promising. The atmosphere rushes from everywhere, even seemingly ordinary screenshots look just incredible! And the trailer? Although the trailer does not tell anything, everything is good in it: transitions, landscapes, music ... I wanted to know about music for a long time, but decided only now: is this soundtrack that sounds in the trailer yours? Or did you get it from somewhere?

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ZX.Vojtech Creator

This is not our music, however we make a new soundtrack special for 1984.

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I know it's a dull question ehm release date ?
im now big fan of this mod now
I went honestly through all the mods related to stalker and this one looks like the best from all of them xd
screenshots and all concept is amazing idea WONDERFULL !!
wut COSMODROME screenshot is epic i cant wait
i can imagine this mod even without artefacts and whole noosphere concept at all or if artefacts then something as call or pripyat like aleterd wheel,(altered weapon akm rifle is just only my imagination:) altered conductor (noosphere is ridicolus for me and is in whole basic trilogy and all mods)
just only with good oldschool radiation and nuclear waste xd some psi emitters or something similar is xd acceptable to me like part some experiments and with enemies like mutant zombies afected by rad in dreadfull 80s (amazing) hamza suits and gas masks and some other mutants based on radiation stimule and ilegal great cccp goverment experiments yummy :)
also recommend focus only on wasaw pact weapons and russians ones with minimal amount of western weaponry like m16 etc its 1984 and blockade but some germans (they were always smuggled on reverse engeneering xd) is no problem for me

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i love static render always played base games lost alpha or anomaly on static render and dx9 without sun shadows enabled even i have powerfull pc enough for those features the main reason for that was imo that makes those games with much more gloomy atmosphere

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ZX.Vojtech Creator

Yeah. Static render is good:)

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It makes me wish if I could use xray engine.

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alguma novidade no projeto ?

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