Hello All, Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Zone Revolution ™ is active, and look at the news we have.

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Zone Revolution ™


  • Sons improved.
  • Increased mutants.
  • Increase of NPC's.
  • Absolute Nature Added (Thanks for Comm Cruac)
  • Absolute Added Structures (Thanks for Comm Cruac)
  • Increased vegetation.
  • Added viewing distance.
  • New cycle.


  • New sounds for weapons.
  • New sounds mutants.
  • New sounds from the Home Menu.
  • New sounds to NPC's.
  • New sounds for Zone.
  • New sounds of step.
  • New sounds for Radio.


  • Textures of weapons, are the Stalker Call of Pripyat (They have been improved.)
  • Object textures.
  • Textures of Heaven.
  • Textures of monsters.
  • New UI textures.
  • Lawn Texture, Tree, bush
  • Items including artifacts, food, etc ...


  • New night vision.
  • Improvement in the movement of NPC's.
  • New way of loading, and animation of the weapon.

X-Ray Engine

  1. DirectX 9.0, upgraded to 9.0.1
  2. New shaders, including compilation of several into one.


  • All revised and corrected scripts.
  • Added new scripts.

Several things were not done yet, but as we evolve in the mod, we will post pictures and videos.

Wait for more news.

Page of Stalker Call of Pripyat Zone Revolution ™


CrazyElf ™
ZkkaLuus ™


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Finance Mortal (History)


Finance Mortal, is actually a farm, a resident of Chernobyl, when the first explosion occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the owner of the farm, (Alexander Narodynaya) received a visit from the military. A proposal was made:
He give shelter to people, make that farm, a refugee camp, in exchange, he would get medical help for free, and a good amount of rubles, for helping his nation. One refugee camp existed until the second explosion at the nuclear power plant.

After that, things started to get ugly. News spreading in Chernobyl, saying Mutants were seen, people are waking up after death, care (Chernobyl) on alert.

Factions came into existence by the Zone. So the military, made that little farm, in a field of research, training, and survival.

One day, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. They appeared on the farm, and said to the military: (Have mercy on us, let us in, we can help you in your research, protection, etc ..). The Military agreed, and the farmer also agreed.

He spent one month: Soldiers dressed in white, with incredible weapons, appeared in Finance (They were the soldiers of Monolith). His reputation is not good. Then the Stalkers and military, will rise their weapons, and said to the soldiers of the Monolith:

Leave this area immediately or we will open fire on you.

Soldiers of Monolith said calmly: We are not evil, we are not here to fight, but to arrange shelter, if you guys let us get them to me, we will help you guys.

After the Stalkers, Military, Pripyat refugees, and the farmer have conversed, they decided to leave the Monoliths enter.

Over one month has passed, all going well. It was 00:30, the owner of the farm, went out of his condominium, and was to escape. Getting there a zombie bit him well in his neck, the owner of the farm was infected.

Returned to the Refugee Camp, the doctors saw that he was bitten, then things got worse, a quarantine zone dividing half and half the Refugee camp was built.

A week passed, one soldier was checking the people who were sick in the Quarantine Zone, 15 military went in there. Only one left alive.

Everything changed starting this event. Zombies were not normal zombies. They knew shoot, and had a great intelligence. A war turned in Refugee Camp, huge losses, people turning zombies, Colonel of the Army (Alex Borovis) contacted the Helicopter, to support, it was totally a failure, the anomalies that were in the air, dropped the Helicopter. Everything turned into a disaster, until one explosion happened in the Zone, the Refugee Camp was not the same, all who were alive, dead, or if not turned Zombies. Anomalies appeared everywhere, the Refugee Camp, turned Farm Mortal.

It is impossible to get in there, all who have tried, again without arms, legs, head, hand, and the few who survived went crazy, and those who were not, tell terrible stories about that place.

They say it is filled with artifacts area, but nobody wants to be able to catch one. Maybe one day, someone can get it in, and get out alive.

(I hope you have understood the story, if you guys are struggling to understand the story, let me know, I will do everything to explain it better)

ZkkaLuus ™
CrazyElf ™ (Inactive for a month)

Version 6.0 updates

Version 6.0 updates


I'm posting here the list of updates that I did, after CrazyElf ™ left to take a vacation, I'm ordering from now (ZkkaLuus ™).

A little rest.

A little rest.


I decided to take a vacation of at least 1 month. 'm Already tired, and too tense, but this ...

News 09/08/2015

News 09/08/2015


Check here the updates we have made in these last days, we passed a huge nightmare, thought all was lost, but has that old saying, a light appeared at...

News 08/28/2015

News 08/28/2015


Check here like this the mod progress, and everything, and also have something to say about the mod progress.

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This is a mod for SoC or, a stand-alone version of the game that just requires SoC?

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waiting for the mod, where I can download the alpha?

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uh.....zombies are the result of emissions or the machines in the x designated labs, not any kind of virus

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Very heart touching story in the news section, I cri evrytiem.

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