SoD - Sultan Of Drugs

Phase 1

SoD 01Screen

[REDACTED], also known as the "Sultan of Drugs", is a former Army Special Agent who used his knowledge to build his illegal empire on the rubble left by during the war in this country. Some European secret services reported us one of his potential bases, located near the dam region. Our job, as Security Agents, is to intervene and neutralize this site of production and distribution of illegal goods.
The rebels occupied much of the surrounding structures of a former government security building. Some houses and a mosque were taken even before the construction was completed.
The battlefield is rugged and teeming with Insurgents, we must raid their camps and drive them out of the region before they can strengthen their defenses and make the job even harder.

Good luck.

Security Checkpoint Day Map


A : Capture and Secure
B : Capture and Secure
C : Capture and Secure
D : Destroy Enemy Supply Caches
E : Capture and Secure
F : Destroy Enemy Supply Caches

Current state

- Security Checkpoint Day Map working with bots enabled. Final test after shipping.
- Only non destructive optimization has been taken for now (HLODs only, this could impact on your hardware performance. Tested on GTX980Ti / AMD3900x). You'll also see some weird shadows by a far distance, this is totally normal due to this kind of optimization and will be solved in the future.


To do list (public)

  • [Security Checkpoint Day Map] Add vehicle counter attack on B.
  • [General] Merging mesh after testing.
  • [General] Add ambient audio.
  • [General] Better minimap.
  • [General] Better precomputed lights building (currently: Medum).
  • [General] New Scenarios including Deathmatch, Push and Domination.
  • [General but last] Enable precomputed visibility for better performance (to be tested).

This mod was created to enter the contest "Insurgency Sandstorm mapping contest 2020", i started working on it mid october. I'll release images about the progression of this time.

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SoD - Sultan Of Drugs

I started working on this map mid October since I was really busy before that time. The first week I explored modular assets and tested some settings abuot the engine.

30 October 2020

  • After playing a little bit with modular assets and natural models, I ended up sketching the rough backdrop, terrain and buildings placement.
  • Landscape splines used to draw streets.
  • I used one of the many terrain materials and manually painted the first division between the desert and the green area.
  • I added a HeightFog with Volumetric Shadows to simulate the "Sandstorm" effect all over the map.
  • Large sequence of the same wall instance has been achieved using HISM actors.


HighresScreenshot00002 1


HighresScreenshot00003 1

2 November 2020

  • I copied a little portion of map from "PowerPlant" because I was planning to place this map near that region (you can actually see the dam in this map) and i modified them to create a new, large, building.
  • Added an abandoned parking zone near these buildings.
  • Started working on some interiors.





20 November 2020

  • Copied and modified a portion of the garage section from Ministry (entrance and stairs).
  • Using this area as startup, i built 2 floors for the manor.
  • Using stairs from Ministry, I added the upper portion of the manor (HQ/Echo).
  • Complete sketch of the Villa building.

HighresScreenshot00015 copy

28 November 2020

  • Added more ruins in the middle of the map.
  • Added river rocks.
  • Created a modified version of the terrain material to use a texture fitting the river ground.

HighresScreenshot00016 copy

2 December 2020

  • Started working on details and interiors.
  • Modified some buildings to increase feeling of destruction.
  • Added some road obstacles near the Mosque

HighresScreenshot00017 copy

3 December 2020 - 5 December 2020

  • Mostly worked on details and interiors.
  • Added some trees using the foliage tool.

HighresScreenshot00018 copy

HighresScreenshot00019 copy

HighresScreenshot00020 copy

6 December 2020 - 8 December 2020

  • Started using HLODs to reduce CPU and GPU usage.
  • Added some particle effects and decals
  • Added more details

HighresScreenshot00021 copy

HighresScreenshot00022 copy

Past 8 December 2020

  • Map optimization with HLODs and baked lights.
  • Added even more details thanks to the optimizations.
  • Added gameplay actors like destructables.
  • Used foliage tool to apply grass, little rocks and illegal plants.
  • Worked on Nav Mesh to ensure correct navigation of bots.
  • Worked on implementing Checkpoint game mode as first one.
  • Added reinforced AICovers.
  • Added minimap with correct positions.
  • Worked on interior linghting and reflection captures.
  • Modified some little portions of the map to improve gameplay experience.
  • Added ingots custom model and modified original texture "T_SpiceShop_01_BC" for illegal harvest.
  • Merged some natural meshes to improve performance overall.
  • Added truck entrance but this currently doesn't work on the standalone game.

21 December 2020

  • Published for testing!
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