SIB: Special Intervention Brigade is a modification focused on infantry combat, which aims to add a new gameplay concept to vanilla game. Somehow inspired by “Counter Strike”, SIB replaces the arcade aspects of the famous FPS with more realistic elements made possible by bf2 engine. Firefight scenarios will vary from urban areas, to small villages and isolated industry complexes, while the confronting teams will be represented by security forces (SIB) on one side and criminal gangs on the other side.


Custom enterable buildings (mesh model, including AI mesh);
Custom kits (mesh model);
Custom weapons (mesh model);
Back holstered weapons (like in CS and other fps, main weapon will show up on the back of the player when switching to another item);
Custom maps (including SinglePlayer mode);
Custom gameplay “HUNT”: Criminal Gangs (CG) spawn on randomly generated spawn-points (not visible in the ingame map); they have to get and keep control of one or more “target” closed areas (mostly enterable buildings) to win the game. Security Forces (SF) all spawn in one area; they need to locate criminal gangs and eliminate them within a time limit to win the game.
CG rely on fewer team memeber and weaker weapons & equipment.
SF rely on more team members and better weapons & equipment; in larger maps, they are also provided with helicopters and drones. In this unbalanced situation, CG will try to hide and “barricade”, while SF will use all their units and equipments to locate and eliminate them.

Custom gameplay “CHALLENGE”: The two teams confront each other in a very small area, in a hard firefight. For a little bit of action. Scenarios are inspired by movies like “Heat” and “Tropa de Elite”.
Only one life per player/bot in this mod: match ends when all members of one team are eliminated.

NO HUD for deeper immersion (no Minimap; no Crosshair; no Rounds/Health indicator, no Text Messages);
3d sights on all weapons (no 2d “blur” image);
More realistic weapons (increased damage for firearms and damage radius for explosives);
More realistic aiming (weapons tweaked to push players & bots to zoom for good accuracy);
More visual effects (added blood, tracers and other effects without impacting too much on performance);
Improved lighting and shadows (for some objects);
Improved AI (AI behaviours changed to make bots smarter/more reactive; medic and support classes do not assist you in the middle of a firefight and focus more on enemies);
Limited vehicles (vehicles are limited to cars, pickup and armored cars; light helicopters only available to Police Special Forces);
Limited AI voice messages.

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While playing bf2 and its mods I always thought that available vehicles missed something. While you could find two ore more interesting attack helicopters, enthusiasm fell down regarding transport choppers. Their poor armament and limited players seats made them too weak and almost useless. Some mods introduced nice versions, increasing the number of seats from 6 to 8 and adding armament to vanilla uh60, mi17 and z8. Still they missed what I needed for my mod: those Multimission Helicopters which play a key role in special forces activities all around the world. After having collected much info and pictures over the internet, I started testing and mesh hacking so to realize something new..

Here you are SIB mission helicopters main features:
can take up to 8 players;
Critical damage is set so that players/bots have enough the time to leave the vehicle BEFORE it explodes;
SIB settings projectiles and hitpoints make these helicopters much stronger than most vehicles and more resistent to HMG or LMG firing (in bf2 vanilla you could take down a mi17 or uh60 with no much effort);
the heavy armament (versions with rocket launchers), make them very powerful assets ingame;
(AI) BOT soldiers bail out close to CP but don’t crash with each other (this often caused bots killing each other!);
(AI) BOT pilot doesn’t leave the vehicle on CP and keeps attacking enemy vehicles/soldiers, providing good support to ground units.

Words apart, let’s make pictures show some of the reached progresses.

MI-17-M armed with two undernose KORD HMGs and four S-8 rocket pods (20 rockets/each).
With a total of 80 missiles and the combined firepower of its 12,7x108 guns, it's one of the most devastating vehicles in the MOD.

1 MI17M


MI-17-M armed with two undernose KORD HMGs and two door mounted PKT MMG.


ah60 armed with a THL-20 turret gun and four Hydra rocket pods (19 rockets/each). With a total of 76 missiles and its gun firing 20 mm HE bullets, it's the most efficient helicopter for transport of special units and demolition of hostile vehicles and ground weapons systems.














SOB becomes SIB

SOB becomes SIB

News 2 comments

Today the name of my mod officially changes to "SIB: Special Intervention Brigade". Nevertheless, the original target and features of the mod keep unchanged...

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Gattobuono - - 645 comments

Nice work so far. Looking forward to future developments. :-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,920 comments

i think i am seeing PR weapons , are they authorized?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
serpiko73 Creator
serpiko73 - - 9 comments

Actually 2 of them are shown in the pics above, mat49 and m4. They are for personal use only, though I would like to ask PR team for authorization to use them in the mod. I would be happy to get some weapons and their animations on the base of assets exchange.
Can you address me to the right person maybe?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
ALADE3N - - 87 comments

well , you can go to bro... actually im not angry or whatever, i love your creativity specially with those helos..dude they are the way i am the one asking this question as guest because i forgot i was not logged in

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
[aliminhas - - 324 comments

looks very good !!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Armcoon - - 798 comments

Looking cool. :D Follow it. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
timotimotimo - - 438 comments

Can't wait to see it's done :D
I love the Altyn :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ExRey7z - - 12 comments

When will it be release??? Good luck btw :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
serpiko73 Creator
serpiko73 - - 9 comments

A beta version could be released within next summer. But there is still much work to be finished before any date could be confirmed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Fast&FPS - - 2,218 comments

Can you show us about back holster weapons on picture? I is so amazing idea for BF2 engine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
serpiko73 Creator
serpiko73 - - 9 comments

unfortunately I don't still have a video showing it, but I found a way to recreate that effect. I need to say though that this will be one of the final implementation of the mod, as it will involve a big deal of modeling and tweaking..

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