Shaft brought to life the original concepts from Half-Life's early years. Featuring enemies, areas, and game play features that never made it into the final product! !DEVELOPMENT HAS NOW ENDED!

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More things have happened since the last one. Who would of thought.

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Welp, it's time for me to improvise another one of these!

The move to Xash

For about as long as I was a part of this mod, We've have debated if we should use Steam or Xash. Both had a pretty equal amount of advantages, and disadvantages. But after a good old game breaking update from Valve, I could no longer get any build of shaft to play on Steam without the game randomly crashing. Now, good news is Shaft plays on Xash really well. The old won style menu system, the better rendering shadows, sprites, and hud make the game look much better. Now the weapons were broke to high hell, but copying the Xash weapon code over seems to have solved that issue.

The gameplay video

I'm just going to link you to it, and talk about it below the video.

I said about two months ago I would get a video for you showing a few minutes of gameplay. Well, when you have a job giving you near 45 hours a week, and college classes to worry about. You start to have less time with your personal projects. Also we had that move ove to the Xash thing in between all of this, and I wasn't going to show old footage of a game that just recently moved to another engine.

MOTY 2014

While I don't believe we have enough people to get us first place, having you guys vote for this mod would be highly appreciated! It might even help get this day one release out faster!

[lambda intensifies]

That's all I got for ya now.


What is Xash in general terms? just because I never heard of it before.

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Absolutely fantastic job, both coding and mapping wise, also thank you for choosing Xash, i am genuinely happy to see it good hands!

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You sirs deserve my vote, keep it up !

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Also maybe you guys check about the shotgun origins to make it in the middle and activate the chrome effect on the barrel aswell.

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the chrome affect is active. we are not going for the middle origin for the shotgun :)

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