A simple mod featuring a couple of tweaks and partially remastered GUI.

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Shadowgrounds mods on Desura


Two small (texture replacement and/or with small gameplay tweaks) mods for Shadowgrounds are now supported on Desura. In fact, these two are the only released ones - although both installments of Shadowgrounds have an extensive modding support, there's very little modding activity from the community itself, and more SG levels than mods saw daylight.

Shadowgrounds is easily moddable, all you need is to copy appropriate game files to your own directory in "Mods" folder and start changing textures, scripts, etc. There's also one hidden flaw - there are no model exporters/importers released.

On the other hand, source code of Shadowgrounds and its sequel executables are available. Perhaps there's still much room to mod independent games such as SG.

Alien Breed III

Features Special edition

Shadowgrounds: Beast

Rifle clip size upgrade tweaked Green big Wrencher

Desura supports mods for other indie games - if you find anything made for indies, you can add it to ModDB/IndieDB and/or drop a line.

A small Shadowgrounds mod released

A small Shadowgrounds mod released


A couple of game mechanic tweaks, also remastered GUI.

Installation guide & your own save games

Installation guide & your own save games

Other Tutorial

How to install the mod and use your own save games.

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Shadowgrounds: Beast (1st release)

Shadowgrounds: Beast (1st release)

Full Version

The first release of a very small mod tweaking some of Shadowgrounds game mechanics (for example, pistol/rifle/shotgun clip sizes, cost of upgrades, etc...

Blak-Dragon - - 168 comments

Decided to replay Shadow Grounds and also try out this mod with it, after activating the mod via the launcher, is it suppose to update the launcher with additional resolutions including 1920x1080 ? Since it doesn't display that after opening the launcher again, nor can I select it anywhere else, in-game included.

Should I just tweak the cfg. file to get the resolution needed ? Also seems like the cinematic cutscenes don't work in this either. Only able to get that working by copying over the Video file into the beast mod folder.

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Guest - - 689,333 comments

How add RPG elements to the Shadogrounds scripts? E.g. health and aiming increasing with monster death count.

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

This is great, Shadowgrounds needs more mods, it's too bad that every other one seems to have gone under.

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Octimus - - 222 comments

damn I love top down games, only if I had the engine! tracking for good measure :)

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feillyne Creator
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Shadowgrounds source code (of the executable file) is already available.

At least you can download it through Humble Bundle, dunno if they shipped it with other versions.

So you can use even their engine, only their licence disallows any commercial use of it. Shouldn't be any problems with using their source code in noncommercial projects though - and if you are successful, maybe you could strike a deal with them, too. :-)

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