This is the first mod which start with my own lua.
We trying to do all with highest quality and realism.
It is not fully over yet - sometimes we working on it, and although it already playable.

< Forum thread<

IMG: thx:
user gfreemon-hl(for help with lua)
user SDKey(for help with lua)
user 2D_BRO-Anubis(for help with maps.lua and tests)
user FaqAp(for some skins)
user EngiN33R(for advices with lua and server)
user JetFighter(for advices with lua)
user SD(for idea and advices with se1m7 map)
user Quake-Ranger(for basis of q3a tileset)

- Scripts:
Script of spawn and rotating for items.
Firing virtual projectiles (Done) - (Plasmagun, Rocket Launcher, BFG)
Firing virtual rays(Done) - (Mashinegun, Shotgun, Lightinggun, Railgun)
Script of change the color of the beam for the railgun, depending on the player color spraycolor (Done)
Slot selection of weapons (Done but used with old type of slot system)
Script of items drop, deathdrop (Done)
Virtual picking up items (Done)
Awards for strikes and combos (Done)
Jumping platform and moving platforms (Done)
Jumping from upper floors to lower floors (Done)
Quick reload without visualization stripe (Done)
Changing the player's statistics in excess of the thresholds (Done)
Script of win/fraglimit (Done)
Improved system of warnings and announcer (Done)
Passive timed Bonuses: Regeneration, Quad damage, Invisibility, Speed
Active useable Bonuses: Teleport,Medkit
Powerups: Armor Shard (+5 AP), Yellow Armor (+50 AP), Red Armor (+100 AP), Green HealthBall (+5 HP), Yellow HealthBall (+25 HP), Orange HealthBall (+50 HP), MegaHealth (+100 HP)
Script of CTF scenario without rounds (Done)
Script of player's statistics and scoreboard (Done)
Script of messages of death (Done)

- Graphics:
Changed the sprite design style. (Done)
Changed font (Done)
Changed the HUD and the elements of GUI (Done)
Changed menu background (Done)
Items skins (Done)
Skins of players (Orbb, Bones, Visor, Sarge,Doom, Phobos, Grunt, Sorlag) (Done) LINK for a visual comparison of original and my skins.

- Sounds:
Changed all the sounds used (Done)
Added sounds and announcers voice (Done)
Added background music (done but not include in client)

- Maps (Remakes) :
DM1 (Done)
DM17 (Done)
CTF4 (Done)
SE1M7 (Done)

- Bots:
Changed names.
Added some scripts for bots and npcs.

At the moment, the number of people who have downloaded our modification has reached over 6600.

(Play on the QA2D servers only with this client!)
< Download links:
file cs2d Quake 2D Arena beta (LAST UPDATE) (10) (4.87 MB) us

< Alternative download link: GAMEBANANAIMG:

To install and play mod - unzip archive into folder with the original cs2d client and then run QA2D.bat

√ Play and have fun.
× Do NOT upload as yours and say it's yours.

From Russian speaking modders with love.

If you want to help this project or if someone of you can try to do something better than it is in current version of mod - then send your work (the code of lua, sprite or map) to me and I'll try to replace it in the next patch(if you keep the style of mod) - and you will be included in the list of thanks.

Share your beautiful screenshots/videos and show me bugs if there are errors or inaccuracies - please send me log-file and screenshots or videos to fix it.

We would like to start TDT(Top down tournament) based on QA2D mod - there are some bonuses(like baseball caps, T-shirts, mugs, badges, ...) and money prizes for winners.

IMG: If game not works at start:
Install official OpenAL sound drivers from this :
LINK (for Windows OS)
or try it source - LINK (for Linux and other OS)
then restart computer and try to play.

Problems occur when you run the game on any platform other than Windows.
And sometimes game crashes with a critical error.
The reason for this is probably the new lighting/shadow system.
Try to turn it to low or off this settings in options.
(I hope in next version DC fixed some bugs in it)

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Quake Arena 2D
Quake Arena 2D
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Quake Arena 2D

Quake Arena 2D


To install and play mod - unzip archive into folder with the original cs2d client and then run QA2D.bat

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