in descr_campaign_ai_db.xml
-Simplified Code
-CA code made more reliable, maintains original feel of the game, but with a more human like diplomacy
-Optimized for Anno Domini, or other big maps.
-Using floats, and bugs found and fixed (thx to Viz and kobal2)
-No more Minimum or maximum alliance times. Now largely up to player to keep allies trusting him by not attacking allies.
-Have to be much more careful about alliances because if YOU backstab it will COST YOU.
-Allies actually defend you.
-more and smaller power blocks (Italian states v HRE, Scotland+France v England, Russia+Byz v Hungary, Danes and Poles usually a toss up and a cool faction to play as you wield lots of diplomatic power)

in descr_campaign_db.xml
-Merchant now make 3 x more money.
-v 1.4 Assassins.
-v1.4 inquisitors

This was all tested on the beta version of Anno Domini.


Shaba Wangy


How do I install this?

1. Patch MTW2 to v1.1
2. Read the Unpacker readme.
3. Read the Unpacker Readme
4. Read it again. You missed something crucial.
5. Unpack your files.
6. Delete the following :
data\descr_geography_new.txt & data\descr_geography_new.db
7. Make a batch file, call it whatever, and add this line
“medieval2.exe --io.file_first” (without the quotes), and save it
8. You now have the VANILLA game unpacked, it will launch from the .bat file you made

NOW you are ready to install Shaba Wangy’s Diplomacy mod v.1.4.

How do I install your mod?

1. Download it
2. Copy paste these files into the root data directory (\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\data):
a. descr_campaign_ai_db.xml (Necessary )
b. descr_diplomacy.xml (Necessary )
c. descr_campaign_db.xml (Only if you want the Agent fixes)
3. You are done.
4. Sacrifice a small herd animal to your deity of choice, making sure to pour the wine on it only after the fat drips down from the bone unto the sacred fire, not before. This will cause a CTD.

Will this interferes with other mod/is it compatible?

This is a very simple question. Chances are that other mod (LTC, AnnoDomini, DLV, Eras Mod) is already using my diplomacy. In that case you can just leave their files, or if mines are newer, replace them. This mod is “compatible” with any mod which doesn’t have its own descr_campaign_ai_db.xml and descr_diplomacy.xml files.

The long answer is I can assure you what is on the fix list with my mod. I cannot assure you what performance will be like with other mods installed. Many files affect AI decisions. Many, many files. Lots of them. Damn near all of them. Thus, when other modders change these files you’ll get weird AI behavior, but with my mod still Far better than Vanilla diplomacy. Don’t ask if “this mod” or “that mod” is compatible, if you haven’t read this. If you have read this, you shouldn’t have any questions. Aren’t FAQ’s wonderful.

When is your next version coming out.

Soon. Anno Domini and this mod have joined forces. I will still freely give my work out to anyone who wants it (LTC, DLV, Eras, etc..), but your best bet for a slow, strategic, diplomatic, and historically accurate game would be the Upcoming Anno Domini Full release, which Re Berengario and I are undertaking.

What will this mod have?

Many a splendorous thing. Too many to list right now, but here are a few.

-187+ Historically accurate provinces and cities.
-MORE BATTLES, less sieges.
-My latest Diplomacy.
-Dynastic succession.
-Titles for given regions, Duke of this, Count of that, etc.
-Area of Recruitment
-Two handed fix.
-Multiplayer Hotseat support. (Not internet, only hotseat)
-VnV and trait fixes for all characters (princess, diplomats, etc)
-Incredible Sex appeal.
-New Historical faction win conditions, you’ll have to recreate the maximum extent of that faction’s empire to win.
-New Historical Units
-Historical Buildings (build Notre Dame in Paris, Westminster in London, Kremlin Moscow, etc)
-Same Vanilla game, but with more depth.

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Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.5

Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.5

Animal Skin

Shaba brings a few more fixes in this 1.5 version.

Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.4

Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.4

Players Skin

This is the new version of Shaba Wangy Diplomacy mod that is making further tweaks to the game. Check file details.

Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.3

Shaba Wangy Diplomacy Mod 1.3

Full Version

A pack of invaluable changes to how A.I. behaves in campaign mode. Credits

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