This mod is a new improved version of JUMPER AND THE CITY development by Deep Shadows™ mod team. It will include the reworked Singleplayer and also new Multiplayer mode. RazorBaze has left the development and gave me the rights to develop it further.

Changes and features

First of all I decided to use the latest version of CryEngine2, so the game will be powered by Crysis Wars. The mod has a lot of changes, the good changes for a better and optimized gameplay. Our goal now is to make the stable version of Jumper with the good frame rate, convenient interface and easy controls. That's not all. Rather we decided to bring the Multiplayer that hasn't been made for last release, and one of our best features is a gameplay based on the Gravity Boots ability and changing the gravity of a level.

At the moment the city in Single player game is optimized to 35 fps at Med Spec on a med-spec machine.

General Features

  • Advanced version of JUMPER AND THE CITY for Crysis Wars
  • New UI and HUD elements, reworked interface
  • Nice and comfortable controls
  • Multiplayer

The emphasis is placed on the full elaboration of the interface, reworked and improved gameplay and implementing of the new game features. Also, the multiplayer now has new elements of game mechanics.

Multiplayer features

  • Changing the level gravity during the game
  • Gravity Boots
  • Third Person view
  • New weapons
  • Alpha HUD™
  • JUMPER suit abilities in multiplayer
  • Slow Motion on game server
  • Improved Russian language in chat - Русский чат в многопользовательской игре

I managed to fix almost all bugs of gameplay and game (Improved the new easy to use interface), to optimize the performance of the game and add many new features. The plan also includes changes to remake the city anew, i.e. make the city from the real building to give it a realistic appearance and make the map bigger. It will become more linear, but we will add more quests and interesting battles.

Team recruiting

We are looking for talented modelers who want to create something really cool and stylish. If you would like to participate the mod development, you are always welcome in our team :)

Dead Space map

This map will be a part of a multiplayer game which will be quite different from singleplayer campaign.


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Finally we released our mod!

environment screenshot
Third Person View screenshot

Feel the full freedom of the superman powers in the Miracle City. Enjoy the new features such as gravity boots, gravity gun, slow motion and 3rd person camera.

Please take a note that It is compatible with Crysis 1.2 or 1.21 only.
We are working hard now to make the Crysis Wars release including extended gameplay and multiplayer.

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Alpha Crysis HUD - Release

Alpha Crysis HUD - Release

Full Version 2 comments

After so many years I've decided to release the complete version for Crysis that works with both 32 and 64-bit versions, with some fixes and improvements...



Full Version 33 comments

A full Crysis release of Jumper and the City modification.

Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 639 comments

Join our CRYMOD.NET Community Modding Discord: >>> <<<

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Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 639 comments

Very High spec:
Core I7 3Ghz, 4 gb ram, 1gb vram.

Gives 35 fps.

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thunderising - - 981 comments

35fps on Standard Machine.

WHat specs do you mean by a standard machine???

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Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 639 comments

The mod is now registered at the MODDB site :)

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